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Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato

Dr. Sharon M. Douglas Department of Plant Pathology and Ecology The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station 123 Huntington Street, P. O. Box 1106 New Haven, CT 06504 Phone: (203) 974-8601 Fax: (203) 974-8502 Founded in 1875 Email: Sharon ...

Tomato Disorders: Early Blight and Septoria Leaf Spot (A2606)

T Both early blight and Septoria leaf spot are potentially serious diseases that affect the leaves, stems, and fruit of tomatoes. Early blight, caused by the fungus Alternaria solani , can also infect eggplant.

Managing septoria spot in citrus

Managing septoria spot in citrus Nerida Donovan Plant Pathologist, NSW DPI Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Menangle Septoria spot of citrus is a fungal disease caused by the pathogen Septoria citri .

Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato ( Septoria lycopersici )

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Septoria and Stagonospora Diseases of Cereals: A Compilation ...

Septoria and Stagonospora Diseases of Cereals: A Compilation of Global Research. Session 1: Pathogen Biology . -Biology of the Septoria/Stagonospora Pathogens: An Overview

EP133 Septoria Tritici Blotch

bodies are often seen embedded in the lesions on the awns. The glume blotch phase can cause significant yield loss, but the relationship between disease severity and yield loss is not well understood.

Fungi of Australia Septoria

1 INTRODUCTION The genus Septoria Sacc. includes more than 3,000 published names of species and infraspecific taxa, including many synonyms (CABI Bioscience et al. , 2006), although estimates of its true diversity range from 1,000 (Kirk et al ., 2001) to 2,000 (Sutton, 1980).


Plant Pathology Circular No. 340 Fla. Dept. Agric. & Consumer Serv. February 1991 Division of Plant Industry SEPTORIA LEAF SPOT OF BLUEBERRY S. A. Alfieri, Jr. 1 Blueberry (Vaccinium spp.) production is expanding into a significant agricultural industry in Florida.

Septoria Leaf Spot of Tomato

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Septoria lycopersici var. malagutii

EPPO quarantine pest Prepared by CABI and EPPO for the EU under Contract 90/399003 Data Sheets on Quarantine Pests Septoria lycopersici var. malagutii IDENTITY Name: Septoria lycopersici Spegazzini var. malagutii Ciccarone & Boerema Taxonomic position : Fungi: Deuteromycetes (probable anamorph ...