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Oral ulceration with bone sequestration

Key words: Oral ulceration, sequestrum, mylohyoid ridge. (Accepted for publication 22 August 2002.) mucosa with bony sequestration on the lingual aspect of the mandible, in association with the mylohyoid ridge and lingual shelf.


0 MAY, 1969 162 SEQUESTRUM FORMATION IN FIBROUS DYSPLASIA* By AVERYD. PRATT, M.D., BENJAMIN FELSON, M.D., JEROMEF. WIOT, M.D., and MILTONPAIGE, M.D. CINCINNATI, OHIO T HE roentgen manifestations of fibrous tlysplasia are well known and ha ve been repeatedlytiescribeti in the literature.

OPHTHALMOLOGY Miss Sally Turner - REFERRALS Corneal ...

OPHTHALMOLOGY REFERRALS Corneal Sequestrum What is a corneal sequestrum? A sequestrum is an area of darkly coloured, necrotic corneal tissue. It is only encountered in cats.


SEQUESTRUM What is SEQUESTRUM? A sequestrum is an area of dead cornea (the cornea is the normally clear surface of the eye). Sequestra can range in appearance from a faint amber discoloration of the cornea to an area that is dark brown or black in color.

Feline Corneal Sequestra

Such characteristics of brachycephalic cats seem plausible contributing factors to sequestra formation. Histologic evaluation of sequestra reveals loss of corneal epithelium Figure 2: Sequestrum of the superficial cornea almost ready to slough

ICD-9 Code Diagnosis

ICD-9 Code Diagnosis 521.2 Abrasion 526.4Abscess, bone Look up codeAbscess, by location (Procedure code 88304) 522.7Abscess, periapical, with fistula 522.5Abscess, periapical, without fistula 528.9Acanthoma (acanthosis), squamous 528.9Acanthosis, NOS 527.9Accessory salivary gland 701 ...

ADA Coding

Available procedure code: D9930 treatment of complications (post surgical) - unusual circumstances, by report For example, treatment of a dry socket following extraction or removal of bony sequestrum.

Proximal Sesamoid Sequestrum in a Horse

EQUINE PRACTICE-ORTHOPEDICS In the horse, proximal sesamoidean osteomyelitis is an uncommon condition that can cause severe lameness. In this case, aggressive surgical and medical therapy was necessary to cause significant improvement in lameness in a 6-year-old American Quarter Horse.

Benign Fibro-osseous Diseases of the Maxillofacial Bones A ...

Maxillary involvement was not noted. Image 10 Florid osseous dysplasia with secondary osteomyelitis. A bony sequestrum is seen extruding through the overlying alveolar mucosa.

Equine Center - January 2006 - 2005—2006 Research Report ...

tuber coax. 2 were acute and associated with a hematoma, 1 had a sequestrum removed surgically. The remaining 3 had a more chronic history of lameness.