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Step away from the rush, to solitude at Quiet Corner, and be ...

Step away from the rush, to solitude at Quiet Corner, and be serenaded ByJody Grismore Vance Off a country road and down a lane and into the woods - go there and you will find a tearoom.

Serenaded by Angels

Serenaded by Angels By Kirk Talley She went to sleep one night never here to awake again, But everything was alright between her and Him, So she awoke in heaven's courtyard free from pain within, The angels gathered round her and they took her by the hand.


will be serenaded with some music from our students and tutors, and . At this meeting we we will be providing drinks and snacks. Please park in the Staff Car

TRAF Newsletter - IInside . . .nside . . .nside . . .nside ...

of money.” said Mr. Foreman. An Evening with the Guest speaker Tommy Lee Jones is serenaded by a member of the Satin Strings of Odessa Permian High School.


Strolling entertainers serenaded passengers with holiday music, magic tricks, balloons and more. And children were given travel gifts and crafts to entertain them on their journey.

Th e Sierra Nevada Monitor

Th e Sierra Nevada Monitor Newsletter of the Sierra Nevada Inventory & Monitoring Network Imagine starting your job at sunrise each day, serenaded by the birds you are hired

Reptiles and Amphibians

NC STATE UNIVERSITY On a warm North Carolina spring night, after a refreshing rain, you are likely to be serenaded by the most boisterous of symphonies.

Remarks by the Honorable Ray Mabus Secretary of the Navy ...

By June 4 th, Allied troops entered Rome serenaded by the cheers of Italian citizens lining the road. We cannot hope to know every individual act of heroism that occurred here.

T H E B L A C K W O M A N - Copyright by BISA, 2009 - BISA ...

from across America were serenaded b y the Duke Ellington School of the Art s Show Choir, Mr. Phillip Miller, soloist, and Mr. Samuel Bonds, Director.

World War II in Cordova…...Again!

These talented troubadours serenaded the gathered with well-know ballads from the 1940's. There were many folks singing along too. General Sherman announced they had received reports of approaching enemy aircraft and quickly instructed the novice troops how to secure their black out curtains and duck ...