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The ServerWorks Customer Experience 2009

The ServerWorks Customer Experience 2009 In July 2009 ServerWorks contracted the same independent research organisation that we had used back in 2007, Concentrate Marketing Limited to survey our customers and establish their levels of satisfaction with our service.


ServerWORKS agents now support these new or enhanced hardware platforms: - DIGITAL Server 500 233 - DIGITAL Server 3205 2300 - DIGITAL Server 1200 2266 - DIGITAL Server 1200 2300R - DIGITAL Server 1200 2333R - DIGITAL Server 5210 2333 - DIGITAL Server 3210 2333 - DIGITAL Server 7105 1200 ...

IBM Memory eXpansion Technology (MXT) Debuts in a ServerWorks ...

Abstract Several state-of-the-art technologies are leveraged to produce a low-cost and high performance single chip memory controller with a new memory system architecture, more than doubling the effective size of the installed main memory without significant added cost.

Dell™ PowerEdge™ 1750

ServerWorks GC LE chipset Performs memory control and provides a PCI interface to the local processor bus. The implementation of the GC LE on the PowerEdge 1750 supports 5 peer PCI buses for the maximum I/O throughput, ...

Approval Sign-Off Sheet

Powered by cutting edge ServerWorks HT2000 and HT1000 chipsets, SW310 efficiently utilizes the combined strength of 2000MT/sec HyperTransport, ...

HP ProLiant DL140

... 533MHz front-side-bus supporting Hyper-Threading Technology At A Glance At A Glance At A Glance At A Glance ServerWorks GC-SL Chipset with 533-MHz FSB 1-GB or 512-MB of PC2100 DDR SDRAM running at 266MHz with Advanced ECC capabilities standard, ...

USB 2.0 System Architecture

High speed component connections (Intel's Hub, AMD's HyperTransport, ServerWorks Inter Module Bus, etc.) and faster add-in buses such as PCI-X are expected to alleviate bandwidth problems of USB 2.0 controllers trying to reach memory.

Dell PowerEdge 1600SC Server

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Avoiding Differential Pair ROUTING VIOLATIONS

ABE (ABBAS) RIAZI holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering and is a senior signal integrity engineer with ServerWorks, A Broadcom Co. (serverworks.com).

2X ThinClientServer: How it works

2X ThinClientServer: How it works An introduction to 2X ThinClientServer, its features and components 2X ThinClientServer provides a complete solution for the central deployment, configuration and management of thin clients and provides load balancing and redundancy of terminal servers.