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Shading Strategy

Shading Strategy OBJECTIVE Standard horizontal overhang. Vertical louvers or fins for east and especially west facades. Break up an overhang for less projection.


SHADING COEFFICIENTS AND U-FACTORS 4' BY 4' PASSIVE DAYLIGHTING SYSTEM MODEL SKYLIGHT FOR TUCSON ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY Date: March 22, 1998 Prepared For: Mr. David T. Drummond Tucson Electric Power Company, Phoenix Division 3030 N. Central Ave. - Suite 401 Phoenix, AZ 85012-2715 Tel: 602/265 ...

Your Home Technical Manual - 4.4 Shading

4.4 SHADING 4.4 SHADING passive design 81 shading of the building and outdoor spaces reduces summer temperatures, improves comfort and saves energy. direct sun can generate the same heat as a single bar radiator over each square metre of a surface. shading can block up to 90 per cent of this heat.

Introducing Solar Shading Systems® Motorized Plantation Shutters

SSS 545 Keypad Power Supply SSS 530 Eye Motor Motor Motor Motor Motor Automation System SSS 535 or SSS 550 Transmitter O ur exclusive SSS-525 LouverLevel ™ controller combines the latest technolog y with practical operation of our Solar Shading Systems Motorized Plantation Shutters.

Shading systems

This ENERGIE publication is one of a series highlighting the potential for innovative non-nuclear energy technologies to be applied widely and contribute to provision of superior services.

Visually Transparent Shading: An Analysis of Contemporary ...

Visually Transparent Shading: An Analysis of Contemporary Shading Solutions ® The Architect’s Choice™


GLSL : toon shaders GLSL : toon shaders varying vec3 normal; voidmain() {normal = gl_NormalMatrix * gl_Normal ; gl_Position = ftransform ();} varying vec3 normal; uniform vec3 t; voidmain() {vec4 color; vec3n = normalize (normal); floati = dot(vec3(gl_LightSource[0].position ),n); if (i>treshold ...

Shading Studies

Pacific Energy Center Factsheet: Shading Studies Page 1 http://www.pge.com/pec Shading Studies A Pacific Energy Center Factsheet Introduction The sun brings warmth and sparkle to architecture, but when its potential is misunderstood or not addressed, it may cause extreme discomfort for building ...

Sun-Shading Medical Authorization Application

MED 20 (07/09/2011) CITY Based on my examination, vehicle sun-shading is necessary for my patient's health. If yes, describe the medical condition that requires the use of sun-shading.

Assessment of Shading Devices on the Thermal Performance of ...

Assessment of Shading Devices on the Thermal Performance of Residential Buildings Gon Kim 1, Hong Soo Lim 2, Tae Sub Lim 3 and Jeong Tai Kim 4 * 1,2 Division of Architecture, Kangwon National University, Chuncheon, 200-701 Korea 3 Department of Architectural Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul ...