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Shailaja Somaraju, Ph.D. Thesis Abstract (1999)

Shailaja Somaraju, Ph.D. Thesis Abstract (1999) OPTIMIZING PULMONARY DRUG DELIVERY USING SPACER DEVICES IN CONJUNCTION WITH PRESSURIZED METERED DOSE INHALERS Spacers are commonly prescribed for use with pressurized metered dose inhalers (pMDIs), in the hope of increasing the total drug dose ...

Freemind User Guide (Version 0.8.0)

Freemind User Guide (Version 0.8.0) By Shailaja Kumar Under the guidance of: Beth Agnew Professor, Technical Communication Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology Toronto, ON Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation ...

K.E.M. Hospital Research Centre, Pune List of ongoing projects

KEM Hospital Research Centre, Pune Page 1 . K.E.M. Hospital Research Centre, Pune. List of ongoing projects

Throw shuttle weaving of Ambasi panje ( lungi )

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol. 7(1), January 2008, pp. 70-73 Throw shuttle weaving of Ambasi panje ( lungi ) Jyoti V Vastrad 1* & Shailaja D Naik 2 Department of Textiles and Apparel Designing, College of Rural Home Science, UAS, Dharwad 580 005, Karnataka E-mail: profshailajanaik ...

TCS Annual Research Report 09_All Pages_6May09

Contents Leading with Innovation in Difficult Times Mr S. Ramadorai, CEO & MD Business Focus in TCS Innovations N. Chandrasekaran, COO Adding Value to Customers through Innovation K. Ananth Krishnan, CTO From the Research Advisory Board Expanding the Software Research Footprint Prof. Jeffrey ...

Alumni Directory 2010

SHAILAJA D. PAIK Historian/Social Science R Historian/Social Science R Historian/Social Science R Historian/Social Science R esearcher esearcher esearcher esearcher esearcher Course: ...


date: 03-02-2011 time: 4:15:38 pm page 1 of 90 1transgenic approaches to improve sesame (sesamum indicum linn) iol quality with omega3 fatty acid bt/pr10826/agr/02/596/2008 dr.


Microsoft Word - Report to the UN-CERD, 16 feb 2007--By Shailaja Paik _Matoshri Ramabai Centre, ACJP_.rtf


CONTENTS 1. Quinazoline Derivatives with Potent Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Allergic Activities – P. Mani Chandrika, A. Raghu Ram Rao, B. Narsaiah and M. Bhagawan Raju

Suicide of the youth - Social Problem - Dept. of Sociology L ...

Suicide of the youth - Social Problem - Dr.Mrs. Shailaja K. Mane Dept. of Sociology L.B.S. College, Satara (M.S.) Introduction “ The 21 st