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Pak. J. Bot ., 39(2): 329-337, 2007. ETHNOBOTANICAL STUDIES ON PLANT RESOURCES OF RANYAL HILLS, DISTRICT SHANGLA, PAKISTAN MUHAMMAD IBRAR, FARRUKH HUSSAIN AND AMIR SULTAN Department of Botany, University of Peshawar, Peshawar, Pakistan Abstract Ethobotanical information were collected on 97 ...

National Economic & Environmental Development Study (NEEDS)

Khan‐Khawar Hydro Power Project, Shangla, Besham, NWFP (Abu Dhabi Fund) 5362.710 1300.000 2644.10 0 Water and Power 99.

Resume Habib 27 August 2010

Ethenomedicinal Elaboration of Lilownai valley District Shangla. M.Sc thesis Department of Botany Hazara University. 12. Noor-Ullah, I. 2008.

Earthquake Reconstruction&Rehabilitation Authority Government ...

Shangla-Top, separates District Shanglafrom District Swat. 1.1 Landscape and Physical Features of the Area District Shangla, is surrounded by District Battagraminthe east, District Swat in the west, District Kohistan in the north and District Bunerinthesouth.


EVALUATION REPORT PROJECT TITLE: Rehabilitation of Agricultural Subsistence and Disaster-Preparedness in Communities affected by Earthquake in the Districts of Shangla and Kohistan in North West Frontier Province, Pakistan PROJECT NUMBER: PAK 1009 / PAK 1011 PROJECT HOLDER: DEUTSCHE ...

Decentralization and Participation in the Forestry Sector of ...

Originally inherited from the princely states of Chitral, Dir and Swat, these forests can mainly be found in the districts of Chitral, Dir, Swat, Buner, Shangla and in Kohistan on the west side of the Indus.


This land has completely been washed away by the floods. 3.6 Shangla and Kohistan The typical livelihood system in both Shangla and Kohistan districts can be best described as mixed mountain agriculture.


Government of N.W.F.P (WORKS & SERVICES DEPARTMENT PERRA) DISTRICT SHANGLA NOTICE INVITING FOR TENDER Bids are invited from constructors pre-qualified with ERRA for construction of following educational facilities of District Shangla.

Where ERRA Works -EQAAs

Battagram Battagram District is surrounded by Kohistan district to the north, Mansehra District to the east, Kala Dhaka tribal area to the south and Shangla district of Malakand division to the west.

Project Completion Report

Training of skills in demand was provided in Muzaffarabad and Nee lum Districts of an and Shangla districts of NWFP. Of the 420 beneficiaries, 240 were women trained embroidery and beadwork, while 180 men benefitted from training in electrical work, plumbing and ...