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Planning, conducting and evaluating a focus group

How to Conduct a Focus Group By Judith Sharken Simon Planning, conducting and evaluating a focus group

Nonprofit Organizational Life Cycle

Microsoft Word - Non Profit Life Cycles Matrix.doc. Developed by: Speakman Management Consulting, 404-622-1205, www. Speakmanconsulting.com Adapted from: The 5 Life Stages of Nonprofits, Judith Sharken Simon, 2002 and The Conservation Company, 1997.

Sustaining Your Nonprofit Into the Future:

In this guide, organization development consultant Judith Sharken Simon will help you understand where your organization is in its life cycle. Stern, Gary J. Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations, Volume I: Develop the Plan .

Annual Report 2005

1 I chose EvanstonNorthwesternHealthcare ... … because the physicians and staff respected my beliefs … because I can get my test results online … because it's a great place to work … because we deliver first-rate care every day

ELI 7 Things Series

www.educause.edu/eli 1 2 3 more 7 things you should know about... *You Tube Scenario For her term project in ecology, Maria decides to focus on the effects of logging near her hometown of Bell-ingham, Washington.

Nonprofit Life Cycles

Taken from Five Life Stages of Nonprofit Organizations by Judith Sharken Simon. © 2001, Fieldstone Alliance. All rights reserved, used with permission. www.FieldstoneAlliance.org Stage One: Imagine and Inspire This stage is the vision or idea stage, where the organization is not yet formalized and ...

2011-2012 PARENT & STUDENT HANDbook

... apei@cr.k12.ia.us Sue Harken, Associate Prin. Secretary ..... 558-2348 ..... sharken@cr.k12.ia.us Jackie Mason ...

Communications Capacity Building Throughout the ...

The Five Life Stages of Nonprofits: Lessons for Organizations and Communications Consultants To illustrate an incremental, developmental approach to communications capacity building, this article refers to the book, The Five Life Stages of Nonprofit Organizations , by Judith Sharken-Smith ...


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Tool for Assessing Startup Organizations a due diligence ...

This can add to the tension. 1 For further reading on the life stages of nonprofit organizations, see Judith Sharken Simon. The 5 Life Stages of Nonp rofit Organizations .