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P2289 Mississippi 4-H Livestock Judging Manual - Sheep

Sheep 47 PARTS OF SHEEP Become familiar with the parts and carcass regions of sheep. In this section, you are provided diagrams of the external parts of sheep (Figure 11), characteristics of an ideal breeding ewe (Figure 12), and characteristics of an ideal market wether (Figure 13).


_____IOWA STATE FAIR * AUGUST 11-21, 2011 1 4-H SHEEP DEPARTMENT 4-H Sheep Team Superintendent - Tom Kiley, Perry Assistant Superintendents - Tim Naig, Cylinder; Randy DeHeer, Oskaloosa

Infectious Reproductive Diseases of Small Ruminants

1 Animal Health Fact Sheet I NFECTIOUS R EPRODUCTIVE D ISEASES OF S MALL R UMINANTS Clell V. Bagley , DVM, Extension Veterinarian Utah State University, Logan UT 84322-5600 June 2001 AH/Sheep/19 I NTRODUCTION Several diseases which infect small ruminants result in abortion or reduced fertility ...

Footrot in Sheep and Goats

Footrot in Sheep and Goats Lynn Pezzanite, Animal Sciences Student Dr. Mike Neary, Small Ruminant Extension Specialist, Purdue University Terry Hutchens, Extension Goat Specialist, University of Kentucky Purdue extension AS-596-W Animal Sciences Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service ...


Youth Gift Certificates Available For Purchase of Columbia Sheep The Montana Columbia Sheep Association will be awarding "Gift Certificates" good for ten percent off up to $50 towards the purchase price of any of the Columbia rams or ewes that will be offered at the Montana Columbia Sheep ...


What are the basics? • Housing needs vary depending on climate, lambing season and individual preferences. • Facilities should be located on elevated, well-drained sites.

There are sheep, then there are

Why own Shetland sheep? NAS S A Registry P. O. Box 51, 222 Main St. Milo, IA 50166 shetland-sheep.o rg N orth A merican S hetland S heepbreeders A ssociation Y ou've probably been thinking about owning sheep for a while, about how nice it would be to have serene, fluffy, content, and colorful ...

102 Fun Facts About Sheep

102 Fun Facts About Sheep Fact Sheet II. By Angela McKenzie-Jakes Extension Animal Science Specialist Florida A&M University College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture Research and Cooperative Extension Program


of SHEEP FESCUE In the State of Washington Sheep fescue, Festuca oVina L., occurs in Europe, Asia, and North America. Over seventy varieties have been described.