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Christening, Launching and Commissioning

Foreword Christening, launching, and commissioning are bench marks of abiding importance in the history of a United States Navy ship. One sees in these closely related events a striking parallel to the human experience of those Americans, young and not so young, who man the ships for our nation ...


646-09-126 AE Cooling Tower Replacement VA244-P-1641 ALUMINUM SHIPS' LADDERS 05 54 00 - 1. SECTION 05 54 00 ALUMINUM SHIPS' LADDERS. PART 1 - GENERAL

Cruise Ship White Paper

I. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY On March 17, 2000, the Bluewater Network sent a petition to Administrator Carol Browner on behalf of 53 organizations, asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to take "regulatory action on measures to address pollution by cruise ships."


JULY-DECEMBER 2009 Suggested routing should include CO, XO, department heads, division officers, CMC, CPO mess, petty officers' lounge, work-center supervisors, and crew's mess.

Navy and Coast Guard Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam ...

Navy and Coast Guard Ships Associated with Service in Vietnam and Exposure to Herbicide Agents This ships list is intended to provide VA regional offices with a

Susan Constant

The ships carried 105 passengers and 39 crew members on the four-month transatlantic voyage. A 17th-century source noted that a total of 71 people were aboard the Susan Constant, ...

Tall Ships® Duluth 2010

14 A MILESTONE CELEBRATION OF THE GREATEST LAKE ON EARTH In July of 2010, Visit Duluth orchestrated a lofty display of maritime magnificence not seen on Lake Superior for the better part of a century— if ever.

Ships' Piping

2 Everyone knows about the effect of corrosion on a ship's hull, but few people consider the effect of corrosion on piping. Pipes pose a hidden danger, a danger that is often forgotten about.


Dedicated to the men of the American Merchant Marine and the United States Naval Armed Guard who sailed in harm's way in Liberty Ships during World War II … …and who did not return. 2

Samurai” by John W. Dower

"Black Ships & Samurai" by John W. Dower Massachusetts Institute of Technology © 2008 Visualizing Cultures http://visualizingcultures.mit.edu Contents Chapter One: Introduction Chapter Two: Perry Chapter Three: Black Ships Chapter Four: Encounters: Facing "East" Chapter Five: Encounters: Facing ...