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SHIPS' MEDICAL STORES Application of the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Medical Stores) Regulations 1995 (SI 1995/1802) and the Merchant Shipping and Fishing Vessels (Medical Stores) (Amendment) Regulations 1996 (SI 1996/2821) Notice to Shipowners, Agents, Masters, Skippers of Fishing ...


Ships of the Starfleet 2245-2293 An overview of information regarding several particularly important and noteworthy vessels which served as part of the United Starfleet between 2245 and 2293.

Cruise Ship Plume Tracking Survey

Selecting the Cruise Ships and Wastewater Stream to be Monitored During this survey, the discharge plumes from four cruise ships operated by two major cruise lines out of Miami will be monitored ...

Cruise Ship Discharge Assessment Report - Sewage, December 30 ...

ships, EPA compared the effluent from traditional Type II MSDs and AWTs discussed in subsection 2.3 (above) to (1) current wastewater discharge standards for ships and land-based

Radio Medical Advice For Ships At Sea

Radio Medical Advice For Ships At Sea Notice to Shipowners, Ship Operators and Managers, Masters, Skippers of Fishing Vessels and Pleasure Vessels and all Seafarers MARINE GUIDANCE NOTE 1.

Marine Thruster & Propulsion Technologies

That means smaller ships or more cargo space, saving you money. In fact, our E-Pod Drives are approximately half the weight of a typical AC Driven Thruster System.

Ship's Medicine Chest and Medical Aid at Sea

Since merchant ships typically did not carry a physician, there was obviously a need to provide some kind of basic medical instruction for the seamen that went beyond the simple directions that frequently accompanied medicine chests.


30 COVER The 309,000 dwt VLCC Universal Queen , one of Marine Log's Distinctive Ships of 2005. T his December marks six years since the Erika incident off the coast of Brest, France.

Manual for Agricultural Clearance

Special Procedures for Suspect Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) Ships Manual for Agricultural Clearance

Electric Ships Office Overview Surface Navy Association ...

Other Naval Trends… Other Naval Trends… UK (23 + IPS/hybrid ships)  Type 23 Frigate, in-service - hybrid electric/mechanical drive  Type 45 Destroyer, in-service - fllIt tdP St France  BPC (LPD) in-service, PoddedIntegrated Power System  Future CV in design - fllI PS bPd full ...