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Team T- Shirts

Team T-Shirts Tips for Success 1. Be creative! The more unique your shirt, the more your team will wear it year-round. 2. Stand out! The best shirts are bright and colorful.

Skydog T-Shirts

Microsoft Word - Skydog T-Shirt order form.doc. Skydog T-Shirts Order Form Please specify: Skydog 61 (2007) Skydog 62 (2008) Skydog 63 (2009) Size: S M L XL XXL XXXL Quantity Each ...

NERF Redemption Form.ai

Be sure to indicate your preferred T-Shirt size. Orders not specifying a T-Shirt size will receive a T-Shirt size determined by Hasbro. Mail order form and original register receipt (NO RECEIPT COPIES, NO GIFT RECEIPTS) to the address listed above.

Instructions for Iron-on

• Iron on as paper instructions specify—(instructions may vary.) • Be careful to iron all the edges! • Peel back the transfer paper slowly. • Wear your Warrior Clan t-shirt with pride!


TSHIRT GUN.com Gatling Gun T-shirt Launcher Assembly Manual ... 1 ATTACHING THE WHEELS TO THE STAND Tools needed: 3/4" wrench & adjustable wrench 1.

Tee-shirts -available in Adult S/M/L/XL/XXL Youth M/L

Microsoft Word - K-9 shirt order form2.doc. Fish and Game K-9 Tee-shirts and Sweatshirts All profits will go to the Non-profit CalTIP K-9 Account to benefit DFG Police Service Dogs Tee-shirts ...

Commitment to Graduate T-Shirt Order Form

Commitment to Graduate T-Shirt Order Form. Contact Name: Order Date: Contact Phone Number: Date Needed: Contact Fax Number: Contact Email Address: To: School Name: School City: Address: School State: City: State: Zip Code: Phone Number: Size QuantityPrice Each Total T-Shirt XS $5.00 T-Shirt S $5 ...

Insanity FREE T-SHIRT Instructions

Send us your "before" and "after" pictures for a FREE limited edition INSANITY ® T-shirt. To receive your FREE INSANITY T-shirt, follow these instructions: 1.

Reconstruction - Project 11 T-shirt

1 . From The Hipster Librarian’s Guide to Teen Craft Projects, by Tina Coleman and Peggie Llanes (Chicago: American Library Association, 2009

Waistcoats & Hunting shirts

" Here is a man from the 18th century describing a hunting shirt as a wagoner's frock, something to be worn over one's clothing. At an 18th century event last year, I confronted a fellow reenactor about him wearing his waistcoat on the outside of his hunting shirt.