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AHA Survey on Drug Shortages

2 Executive Summary • 99.5% of hospitals reported experiencing one or more drug shortage in the last six months and nearly half of the hospitals reported 21 or more drug shortages.

Physician Shortages to Worsen Without Increases in Residency ...

Unless We Act Now, America Will Face a Shortage of More than 90,000 Doctors in 10 Years

Talent Shortage Survey Results

2011 Talent Shortage Survey Results 2 Introduction Despite the slow and uneven recovery from the global economic downturn and lingering high levels of unemployment in many markets, organizations around the world still report that they

The Current Nursing Shortage in the United States

Smith | 2 Abstract Thesis: The nursing shortage currently in the United States is a pressing issue in healthcare. It is a result from a shortage of skilled nurses who can tend to individual patients and the overall population, thus creating an issue of supply and demand.

Commonwealth of Virginia Critical Shortage Teaching ...

Commonwealth of Virginia Critical Shortage Teaching Endorsement Areas for 2011-2012 School Year Prescribed Methodology for Determining Critical Shortage Teaching Endorsement Areas

Navigating Drug Shortages in American Healthcare: A Premier ...

What is Premier's response to the drug shortage situation? Premier believes that new measures and accelerated efforts are needed to address situations with prescription drug shortages and is prepared to help members navigate the ongoing situation.

Causes, Effects, and Suggestions for Resolution

Revised 9/2/05 Nursing Faculty Shortage Causes, Effects, and Suggestions for Resolution Maryland Statewide Commission on the Crisis in Nursing Education Subcommittee Dr. Patricia Kelley, RN, Chair Dr. Peggy Soderstrom, RN, Vice Chair Faculty Work Group Dr. Catherine Crowley, RN Dr. Sandra ...

The Florida Nursing Shortage

March 2011 The Florida Nursing Shortage 1 The economic recession has temporarily resolved the nursing shortage in Florida. Presently, the supply and demand of nurses (both RNs and LPNs) is close to equilibrium, resulting in a tight labor market particularly for new graduates.

Likely shortage of Caelyx

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Drug Shortages Summit November 5, 2010 Summary Report

Details and duration of shortage. Pharmacists can contact product manufacturers, distributors, FDA, CDC, and other sources to determine the reason for the shortage and its expected duration.