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Shrews: Wildlife Notebook Series - Alaska Department of Fish ...

Shrews Shrews are the smallest of the mammals. They are often mistaken for mice but are insectivores, not rodents. There are currently ten species of shrews known in Alaska.


Shrews Masked Shrew Sorex cinereus Pygmy Shrew Sorex hoyi Contributors: Mary Bunch and Mark Ford DESCRIPTION Taxonomy and Basic Description All shrews have long pointed snouts, short dense fur and small eyes.

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D-87 SHREWS Robert H. Schmidt Assistant Professor Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Utah State University Logan, Utah 84322-5210 Fig. 1. A masked shrew, Sorex cinereus Identification The shrew is a small, mouse-sized mammal with an elongated snout, a dense fur of uniform color, small eyes ...

Northern Short-tailed Shrew

Shrews have been found in the stomachs of Lake trout and green sunfish (Fowle and Edwards 1955, Huish and Hoffmeister 1947). Intestinal roundworms, flukes, and tapeworms are some of the species of endoparasites that use northern short-tailed shrews as hosts (Whitaker and Hamilton 1998).

Ohio Moles and Shrews

494 The Ohio Naturalist. [Vol. XII, No. 5, OHIO MOLES AND SHREWS. JAS. S. HINE. The Ohio members of the Order Insectivora, commonly called moles and shrews, have been quite extensively collected in the state and some things in regard to their habits and distribution may be said.

Shrews, Meadow Mice and Moles

Shrews, Meadow Mice and Moles Shrews, meadow mice and moles are common, native, small animals frequently encountered around the home landscape. Sometimes considerable confusion arises concerning the identification of these animals and the significance of their presence to the homeowner.

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STATE ROAD 9 Greenfield, Indiana

Project Description Shrewsberry & Associates was hired as part of a team to perform an environmental assessment / corridor study along SR 9 around

Endangered and Threatened Species Series

Shrews are classified as insectivores, not rodents. They are among the smallest of all living mammals. The least shrew is the smallest of the North American shrews and one of the smallest mammals found in Connecticut.

Shrews, meadow mice and moles

Shrews, Meadow Mice and Moles Shrews, meadow mice and moles are common, native, small animals, frequently encountered around the home landscape.