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Community Abstract - Inundated Shrub Swamp, Page 1 Inundated ...

Michigan Natural Features Inventory . P.O. Box 30444 - Lansing, MI 48909-7944 Phone: 517-373-1552 . Inundated Shrub Swamp, Page 1 Inundated Shrub Swamp

State Status: None Federal Status: None

Description: Shrub Swamps are wetland communities dominated by wetland shrubs. They may form in a variety of settings including in higher areas of deep or shallow emergent marshes or on the margins of those, along the middle of the gradient of soil saturation and water level inundation from ...

Cotoneaster apiculatus - Cranberry Cotoneaster

Cotoneaster apiculatus - Cranberry Cotoneaster ( Rosaceae )-----Cotoneaster apiculatus is a low arching to mounding shrub, with glossy small leaves and prominent globular red fruits.

Colorado State University Extension - CMG GardenNotes #619 ...

Pruning has a major influence on a shrub’s flowering habit, shape, size, and pest problems. Prune to Encourage Flowering Pruning has a major influence on shrub flowering.

Ilex verticillata (L.) Gray

The persistent bright red fruit of this shrub make it very popular for landscaping. It is recommended for planting in shady moist areas, even though its growth and form are best under open grown conditions.

Lowland Shrub

Tomorrow's Habitat for the Wild and Rare: An Action Plan for Minnesota Wildlife 261 The lowland shrub habitat occurs in areas with high water tables where broad-leaved shrubs are the dominant plant growth form.

Pyracantha 'Mohave'

It was awarded a Certificate of Preliminary Commendation as a hardy fruiting shrub by the Council of The Royal Horticultural Society, October, 1971.

Planting Shrubs & Roses

As they age, you may find yourself with more of a shrub that can be merely pruned in winter. One of the most common problems that buddleias experience is spider mites, ...

shrub lespedeza

VA - 70 shrub lespedeza along the side of a channel VA-70 shrub lespedeza Farm game, such as the bobwhite quail, depend more and more each year on habitat developed by land-owners.

Common sweetshrub - Calycanthus floridus

Common sweetshrub - Calycanthus floridus Shrub Profile By: James Robbins Plants that have been around for a long time often become less popular for gardens, but common sweetshrub is one plant that seems to defy that logic by gaining in popularity.