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Effect of Antenna Peak Sidelobe Levels on L-Band Space- Based ...

We show that when the transmit antenna is uniformly weighted, the two-way peak sidelobes which affect the SINR loss curve are due to the first few sidelobes of the transmit pattern.


- 9 - 7D/16-E Figure 4: A comparison of measured (thick line) and predicted envelope of the sidelobes of the 30m telescope at 39 GHz. The envelope value has been derived by selecting the maximum level at each radial distance from boresight.

Sidelobe Reduction for Matched Filter Range Processing* term ...

The large sidelobes are often objectionable since a large target might mask nearby, smaller targets. In addition, large sidelobes might be mistaken for separate targets.

Phase Coded Waveforms for Radar

filters to lower time sidelobes in PC waveforms [1]. The approach was later generalized by Ackroyd and Gahni [2]. Baden and Cohen proposed a modification for controlling the 1


ANOTHER LOOK AT SIDELOBE-FREE FM ANTENNAS by Richard J. Fry, CPBE Antennas with reduced sidelobes in their elevation patterns have been proposed as an advance in antenna designs for FM broadcasting.

Alpha Wireless Antennas helps Operator increase Sector Capacity

Figure 1: Upper Sidelobes Many antenna vendors only suppress the first upper sidelobe, whereas Alpha Wireless has designed its antennas to suppress all upper sidelobes.

Obtaining Low Sidelobes Using Non-Linear FM Pulse Compression

Project Report ATC-223 Obtaining Low Sidelobes Using Non-Linear FM Pulse Compression M. Labitt 4 November 1994 Lincoln Laboratory

Short PN Sequences for Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum Radios

A Barker word has good autocorrelation sidelobes when preceded and succeeded by all zeros. Does it have good correlation sidelobes when preceded and succeeded by more Barker words with QPSK modulation?

Sidelobe Suppression in a Desired Range/Doppler Interval

We exploit the time-frequency duality between pulse amplitude modulation (PAM) and orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) to sequence Golay complementary codes across time or frequency and clear outrange/Doppler sidelobes.

Parabolic Dish Focus, Zoom, and Tilt

An interesting result is that there are fewer sidelobes in the azimuth plane than other directions. The sidelobes in the azimuth pattern are small enough so that they are hardly noticeable when listening to a signal while the dish is rotated.