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Debunking the first myth about debunking

Skeptical Science, we gain the best of both worlds by publishing rebuttals at several levels. Basic versions are written using short, Having your cake and eating it too

Scientific Guide

Extracts maybe reproduced provided Skeptical Science is attributed with a link to www.skepticalscience.c om. The Scientific Guide to Global Warming Skepticism was written by John Cook (www.skepticalscience.com).


SKEPTICAL MARRIAGE EQUALITY S UZANNE A. K IM * Two major approaches generally characterize the political left's debate concerning same-sex marriage — marriage equality, viewing the right of access to marriage as an important civil right, 1 and what I will call "marriage skepticism," viewing ...

The Skeptical Environmentalist

Contents xi Part V: Tomorrow's problems 22Our chemical fears 215 Cancer: death 217 Cancer: incidence 222 1-in-8 and other lifetime risks 223 The fear of pesticides 226 Establishing thresholds through risk analysis 226 Pesticides and cancer 228 Cancer in animal experiments 231 Natural and ...


Since this Court's decision in Katz v. United States, the Court has recognized a basic dichotomy under the Fourth Amendment. What a person seeks to preserve as private in the enclave of his own


PHILOSOPHY 1 RESPONSES TO SKEPTICISM The generic skeptical argument, a version of Descartes's malicious demon hypothesis, goes as follows: 1. I don't know that I'm not a brain in a vat.

Philosophy 5340 - Epistemology Topic 4: Skepticism

Part 1: The Scope of Skepticism and Two Main Types of Skeptical Argument

Skeptical Thinking in the Classroom and its Impact on the ...

Skeptical Thinking in the Classroom and its Impact on the Transference of Critical Thinking Skills in the Real World By: Kenneth O'Rourke 4/12/2008 Submitted for: EDUC 545:631 University of Penn Abstract One quality that sets humans apart from all other species of known life is the ability to ...