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Open College of the Arts Student Support

This guide is essential reading for all OCA students, though you could skip the section on sketchbooks if it is not relevant to your studies. You may hear some tutors refer to learning logs as learning journals, logbooks, notebooks or something similar.


EXHIBITION OF SKETCHBOOKS AT HARVARD'S FOGG ART MUSEUM PROVIDES A GLIMPSE OF THE ARTIST AT WORK Rarely Displayed Sketchbooks from the 18th Century to the Present Include Drawings, Studies, Copies After Old Masters, and Notes The exhibition was organized by Miriam Stewart, Assistant Curator in ...

Article: Personalized Color Sketchbook Provokes the Creative ...

Trading of the iconoclastic stamps became part of ICON4's "buzz,"and the personalized sketchbooks, in particular, also were highly coveted. When curious illustrators investigated how the materials were produced, they learned that the project was only possible with digital color presses.

AccessArt Sketchbooks in Schools

2 1 INTRODUCTION TO SKETCHBOOKS IN SCHOOLS "Sketchbooks in Schools aims to promote, inspire and enable the creative use of sketchbooks in primary schools.


The students must have their sketchbooks for each lesson. Most of the sketchbooks work within is to be completed for homework, and is carefully assessed at the end of

IB Art Summer Assignment

Sketchbooks for IB art must be the black hardbound sketchbooks with white unlined drawing paper. Sketchbooks must be 8/12X11 and no spirals are allowed.

2004 Colorado Core Knowledge Units

Art (Seventh Grade), Sketchbooks for Seventh: Maps of the Imagination 2004 Colorado Unit Writing Project 1 Sketchbooks for Seventh: Maps of the Imagination Grade Level or Special Area : Visual Arts, Seventh Grade Written by : Sarah C. Sykes, Kinard Junior High School, Fort Collins, CO ...


DRIVEN TO DRAW: TWENTIETH-CENTURY DRAWINGS AND SKETCHBOOKS FROM THE ROYAL ACADEMY'S COLLECTION TENNANT GALLERY 3 November 2011 - 12 February 2012 This November a new exhibition in the Tennant Gallery reveals the richness of the Academy's rarely seen holdings of twentieth-century drawings and ...

7th GRADE Sketchbook Assignments (1)

7 th GRADE Sketchbook Assignments (1) Most artists keep sketchbooks in which they experiment with ideas and collect drawings of their environment.

Introduction to IGCSE

Sketchbooks are an essential requirement, and students are expected to complete their homework tasks in these. They are also encouraged to use the sketchbook as their own visual diary and to document their ideas through writing, collecting postcards, making drawings and taking photographs.