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Skunks: How to Deal with Them

Skunks wean when they are about two months old and leave the female in autumn to make their own way. Skunks: How to deal with them G3273 by Scott R. Craven Spotted skunk (very rare in Wisconsin) Striped skunk

Game of SKUNK

Game of SKUNK S K U N K Each letter of "skunk" represents a different round of the game; play begins with the "S" column and continues through the "K" column.

Welcome to mendocino county, home of the famous "Skunk"

Fort Bragg San Francisco Willits Sacramento Foot of Laurel Street For t Bragg, CA 95437 timetable March 2011-February 2012 Our Trains Welcome to mendocino county, home of the famous "Skunk" trains.

Gardener's Best Friend - Master of Pest Control: The Skunk!

Gardener's Best Friend - Master of Pest Control: The Skunk! by Erika K. Yery, licensed wildlife rehabilitator Description and Behavior The skunk is probably the best known but least understood mammal in North America, and can be found throughout the US, except in desert areas.


TRICKS OF THE TRADE 1. When installing a set of extended wheel studs, Skunk2 recommends tack welding each one onto the back of the hub for additional reliability and safety.

Controlling Skunks

On account of the value of skunk fur it will pay one touse care in killing the animal when trapped. Among fur-bearing animals, the skunk is second in importance in the United States, being exceeded only by the muskrat in total value of fur produced.

Eastern Spotted Skunk Spilogale putorius

Eastern Spotted Skunk Spilogale putorius Contributors: Jay Butfiloski and Tom Swaygnham DESCRIPTION Taxonomy and Basic Description The eastern spotted skunk was described by Linnaeus (1758) and classified as Viverra putorius .


SKUNK2.COM.808.9888 95 1 SKUNK2 EXHAUST TUNING In the racing and performance world, Skunk2's philosophy has always been to make power and go fast. In the design and development of our exhaust components, we adhere to this same philosophy.


MONTANA DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE SKUNK MANAGEMENT Skunks occupy open lands, forest edges and riparian areas. They often enter the edges of urban and suburban environments as well as farmsteads boarding these kinds of habitats.


White with Dark Eyes Apricot Tan/Apricot Dark Smoke Champagne Smoke Brown Classic Black Classic Black Swirl Falling Star COLORS OF SKUNKS Colors not shown - Lavender, Mahogany, Black, White on White, Skunkhaven Inc www. skunk haven. net Black Chip