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Pipe, Sleeves, and Collars

- Continued on Back - Henry Company - Sealants Division • • 1277 Boyles Street • • Houston, TX 77020 • • 800-231-4551 • • 713-671-9502 • • FAX 713-673-7714 Use of SYNKO-FLEX Preformed Adhesive Waterstop on Steel, PVC, HDPE, Fiberglass Pipe, Sleeves, and Collars Used in Cast ...

GM™LS-2 Dry Sleeve Kit . The kit makes possible maximum

The sleeves should go into the bore 3/4 or more of the way with very slight hand pressure. Photo 14 . 4. Carefully drive sleeves into place using plastic mallet then aluminum plate with heavier steel or brass hammer.


PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Rosco Fluorescent Sleeves can add virtually any color to your fluorescent lighting and protect against the dangers of lamp breakage by containing the shattered glass.


Seal wire grooves in the top of the sleeves can only be machined after decking. 12. B-16 / B-18—3.543 [90mm] F22 & H22/23 & K20—3.701 [94 mm]

2011 Protective Hose Sleeve & Strap Catalog with HT Rev 3 01 ...

www.gosuburban.com Why Use Protective Sleeves and StrapsWhy Use Protective Sleeves and Straps Why Use Protective Sleeves and StrapsWhy Use Protective Sleeves and Straps

D-M-E INCH Pins, Sleeves, Blades

u.s. 800-626-6653 n canada 800-387-6600 n www.dme.net 243 table of contents ejectorpins - straight ex inch ejector pins - straight..... 244 thx inch through-hardened ejector pins . . . . 246 thxk keyed ejector pins..... 247 ejp-imh close tolerance m-2 ejector pins.... 248 mb-ejp ...

NEWS RELEASE Sneeze into Your Sleeve, Please!

NEWS RELEASE Sneeze into Your Sleeve, Please! You may see more people sneezing and coughing into their sleeve or the bend of their arms rather than their hands when they don't have a tissue.


Snowmobile Snowmobile sleeves Cylinder Types: CS -Cast in Sleeve, PA -Plated Aluminum, RS -Replacement Sleeve ARCTIC CAT Model Cyl. # cc Bore Sleeve PART List Price Type Cyl. in / mm OD NUMBER 340 Jag, Lynx, Puma, Cheetah, Bearcat, Panther (AG-34) PA2 339 2.362"2.570" 6104FA $134.48 Fan Cooled ...


MELLING CYLINDER SLEEVES 11 CYLINDERSLEEVES TM PHONE: 563-652-6806 FAX 563-652-2437 Customer# (If applicable) Date Contact Name Company Name (If applicable) Street Address City State Zip Code Phone Fax Email CUSTOM SLEEVE ORDER FORM Fill out and fax the attached form to Melling Cylinder Sleeves.

Evaluation of Dowel Bars Installed Using Plastic

An IPRF Research Report Innovative Pavement Research Foundation Airport Concrete Pavement Technology Program Report IPRF-01-G-002-4.1 Evaluation of Dowel Bars Installed Using Plastic Sleeves Programs Management Office September 2004 1010 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. Suite 200 Washington, DC ...