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Booty Slipper

© 2007 Jo Ann Hill & Anne Bipes All Rights Reserved page 1 of 5 hillhouse@san.rr.com & www.LoomKnitting.com Booty Slipper Design by Jo Ann Hill Instructions by Jo Ann Hill and Anne Bipes This pattern was developed as a sample for slippers to be knit for Project One Fifty.

ChairSlippers make the Principal's "List "

3 Sizes Choose from 3 different sizes to ensure a tight fit. MINI - Golf ball size. Designed for tapered Chair, Desk, and Table Legs 1/2 " - 3/4 " in diameter.

Transplanting Pink lady-slipper (Cypripedium acaule)

Transplanting Pink lady-slippers ( Cypripedium acaule ) Transplanting Pink lady-slipper (Cypripedium acaule)

Comfy Slippers

Comfy Slippers Created by Clella Gustin Time to do Level intermediate Instructions 1. The instructions are written to fit a ladies size 8 or 9 shoe.

Showy Lady's-slipper Cypripedium reginae Walter

Showy Lady's-slipper Cypripedium reginae Walter State Status: Special Concern Federal Status: None DESCRIPTION: Showy Lady's-slipper, a member of the Orchid family, is a striking, two- or three-flowered, hairy perennial, usually 15-40" (.35-lm) tall.

Information on transplanting Lady's-slipper Orchids

Showy lady's-slippers and yellow lady's-slippers are not listed as rare species in Minnesota. However, some plants listed in Chapter 18H.18 are also covered by Minnesota's Endangered Species Act (Minnesota Statute 84.0895), including several species of lady's-slipper and other orchids.


www.polarknit.com On DPN s or Straight Needles Elf Slippers Knit Two Ways , The Elf Slipper can be knit 2 ways. This pattern first describes how to knit the entire slipper on one set of straight

Medium Worsted Weight Cuffed Crochet Slippers

Sizes: Small (Child); Medium (Teen); Large (Ladies) 3 oz. Red Heart Medium Worsted Weight Yarn Crochet Hook: Size H-8 (5.00 mm) - Tapestry or yarn needle Notes : Pattern is written for Small size, with changes for Medium and Large sizes in parentheses ( ).


www.polarknit.com Page 1 Ladybug Slippers Finished Length:Baby: 5 inches long (1 ball coloured, 1 black) Child Med: 7 inches long (1 ball coloured, 1 black)Childrens 9-12

Transplanting pink lady's-slipper (Cypripedium acaule)

Regarding where to put them: Pink lady slippers require the sort of habitat you see them growing in naturally. To be more specific, it must be slightly acidic soil like accumulated leaf matter mixed with pine needles, which also help the drainage.