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Memorandum State of California

Memorandum State of California To: Igor Kharitonoff Bill Zellmer Date: 9/27/05 From: Tom Hale Subject: El Camino Replacement Hospital SMRF Connection Design HS032809 I have reviewed the final SlottedWeb TM Moment Connection Testing Report, Project No. #31140-2, Report No. L-05-2971 by the Smith ...

Slotted Web Steel Beam-to-Column Connection Designs

Construction Innovation Forum • 43636 Woodward, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302 • 248-409-1500 • Fax: 409-1503 • E-mail: info@CIF.org • www.CIF.org SLOTTED WEB STEEL BEAM-TO-COLUMN 2002 Nova Award Nomination 24 Slotted Web Steel Beam-to-Column Connection Designs This connection design is ...

LAN8215_Drain Pipe Broch

PEN-T OP S LOTTED D RAIN P IPE O Lane's open-top slotted drain pipe is a convenient and economical way to collect sheet drainage. Lane's OTSD pipe is a practical combination of a catch basin and runoff pipe that's designed to efficiently handle surface water, especially sheet flows.

Slotted Line Measurements

SLOTTED LINE MEASUREMENTS SLOTTED LINE MEASUREMENTS BASED ON THE GR 874-LBA SLOTTED LINE DOCUMENTATION (Version 1.1, April 21, 2004) (Originated in March 11, 2003) SECTION 1 GENERAL DESCRIPTION One of the important basic measuring instruments used at ultra-high frequencies is the slotted line.


Engineering Sciences 151 Electromagnetic Communication Laboratory Assignment 3 Fall Term 1998-99 W AVE P ROPAGATION II: H IGH F REQUENCY S LOTTED L INE AND R EFLECTOMETER M EASUREMENTS OBJECTIVES: To build greater familiarity with transmission line concepts; to observe, measure and analyze the ...

FF-S-92B Screw, Machine: Slotted, Cross-Recessed Hexagon Head ...

FF-S-92B AMENDMENT 1 July 31, 1975 FF-S-92B Screw, Machine: Slotted, Cross-Recessed Hexagon Head, with Amendment 1

Slotted Conduit, Pull Box and Pull Rope Description

Slotted Conduit, Pull Box and Pull Rope Description These instructions are intended to guide the contractor through the process of installing the conduit, pull rope and pull boxes that are an

Construction Detail

Sheet Title : MTL to MTL Connection Standard Head of Wall Horizontal Slotted Track - Optional Product: SLP-TRK ® Manufacturer: SlipTrack Systems Description: SLP-TRK Standard Detail SLP-TRK ® Brand Slotted Top Track.

Slotted Line - GR type 874-LB Oscillators - Marconi Solid ...

2. COAXIAL SLOTTED LINE MEASUREMENTS OBJECTIVE To use the slotted line for the measurement of frequency and impedance, and to demonstrate some properties of high frequency transmission line.