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CSSF 2007 Project Summary

The circle parachute should demonstrate the slowest average descent rate because its natural symmetrical shape would be the most efficient design to maximize wind resistance and create drag.

Playing with Parachutes

The parachute that can hit the target with the slowest descent rate is the winner. 4. Students meet and develop a plan for their parachute.

Problem: Where are the fastest parts of the roller coaster ...

Problem: Where are the fastest parts of the roller coaster? The slowest? Collect Information: As you know, the speed changes as a car goes through a roller coaster.

List the slowest to fastest administration routes for ...

Name: _____ SCC #: _____ INGALLS HOSPITAL EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES Pharmacology February 2010 Reading Assignment: Mosby's Paramedic Textbook Third Edition, Chapters 17, 18 and Region VII SMOs.

TenTh AnniversAry of The Bush-erA TAx CuTs

Economic Policy institutE • 1333 H strEEt, nW • suitE 300, East toWEr • WasHington, Dc 20005 • 202.775.8810 • WWW.EPi.org Economic Policy institutE • junE 1, 2011 • Policy mEmoranDum #184 Policy Memorandum The Economic Growth and Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2001 (the first of ...

The Slowest Potential Output Growth in U. S. History ...

The Slowest Potential Output Growth in U. S. History: Measurement and Interpretation* Robert J. Gordon Northwestern University and NBER For Presentation at CSIP Symposium on "The Outlook for Future Productivity Growth," Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco November 14, 2008 _____ *This paper is ...

The SLOWEST Blackbird Flight?

The SLOWEST Blackbird Flight? "What was the slowest you ever flew the Blackbird?" by Brian Shul Retired SR-71 Pilot An article in "Plane and Pilot" Magazine As a former SR-71 pilot, and a professional keynote speaker, the question I'm most often asked is "How fast would that SR-71 fly?"


Then have them vote on which they think will win the grand prize for slowest overall based on their analysis. Do the final test and distribute prizes.

Scientific Method Experiment: Factors Affecting How Ice Melts

Each person should make hypotheses on their lab sheet about which group they think will melt ice the fastest and the slowest. Tell the students that they will get 2 samples to melt fast and 2 samples to melt slowly.


The rate law is determined from the rate-determining step in the reaction mechanism (slowest step). The actual reaction mechanism (determined experimentally) ...