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What is a “Sniff Test”

Patient's instructions Patient's instructions What Is a "Sniff Test"? Your physician has determined that you need a Sniff Test. A Sniff Test is done to evaluate the function of your diaphragm .

AIM Sniff User Manual

AIM Sniff Copyright © 2002 Shawn Grimes Installation Procedure The first step is to install the necessary dependencies. The Perl modules can be installed using the CPAN tool.

Sniff nasal inspiratory pressure: simple or too simple?

EDITORIAL Sniff nasal inspiratory pressure: simple or too simple? J-W. Fitting R espiratorymuscle weakness, be it of acute or chronic onset, is a potentially threatening condition.

"Minerals that do things…"

"Minerals that do things…" Hands-on demonstrations of mineral properties Provided for the Mineral Information Institute by Andrew A. Sicree, Ph.D. Scratch & Sniff Minerals Object: Object: Students will experience minerals and rocks via their sense of smell .

September 15, 2005 SNIFF'n'STOP & IPOLE-WPD MSDS Page 1 of 7

september 15, 2005 sniff'n'stop & ipole-wpd msds page 2 of 7 section iv - fire and explosion hazard data (continued) extinguishing media: apply alcohol-type or all-purpose-type foam.

Stanley Sniff, Jr.

Stanley Sniff, Jr. Sheriff-Coroner Riverside County, California Stanley Sniff, Jr. has served as the 13th Sheriff of Riverside County since October 2, 2007.


The Memory Wellness Program WHO WE ARE: We are dedicated to innovative research spanning the areas of memory, blood sugar regulation, hormones, healthy aging and Alzheimer's disease.

Characterization of the Sniff Magnitude Test

ORIGINAL ARTICLE Characterization of the Sniff Magnitude Test Robert A. Frank, PhD; Robert C. Gesteland, PhD; Jason Bailie, BS; Konstantin Rybalsky, BS; Allen Seiden, MD; Mario F. Dulay, PhD Objective: To evaluate the potential utility of the Sniff Magnitude Test (SMT) as a clinical measure of ...


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Wherever the sniff may occur, the result is always the same: there is or there isn't contraband present. 56 Id. at 1198. 57 That the focus of the sniff is a home lacks significance because "[t] ...