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Sochacka et al.

Sochacka et al. , Confronting the methodological challenges of engineering practice research: A three tiered model of reflexivity Proceedings of the Research in ...


www.pfp.edu.pl FORUM PROFILAKTYKI Nr 1 (15) marzec 2010 www.pfp.edu.pl Polskie Forum Profilaktyki Chorób Układu Krążenia (PFP) ISSN 1734–9591 Kolegium Redakcyjne

Dalton Transactions' most highly rated articles

Justyna Brasu , Marek Cebrat, Aleksandra Sochacka, Olimpia G adysz and Jolanta wi tek-Koz owska, Dalton Trans., 2008, 4978 DOI: 10.1039/b807799a

Molecular Sciences Recombinant Cytokinesfrom Plants

Agnieszka Sirko 1, *, Tomas Vaně k 2 , Anna Góra-Sochacka 1 and Patrycja Redkiewicz 1 . 1 Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of Sciences, ul.

Fluoride Accumulation in Selected Vegetables During Their Vegetation

Z. Kusa*, W. Wardas, J. Sochacka, K. Pawłowska-Góral Department of General and Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Silesian Academy of Medicine,

Viroids: unusual small pathogenic RNAs

Review Viroids: unusual small pathogenic RNAs Anna Góra-Sochacka Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, Poland

1 Water Policy and Economics Conference Century Water Issues in ...

• Conservation attitudes and programs in Australia - Nicki Sochacka (University of Georgia) • Survey of opinions of Alabama citizens related to water resources and ...

Analysis of similarities between viroid, prokaryote and eukaryote ...

(Diener, 1991; GŠra-Sochacka, 2004; Hosokawa et al., 2004; Rodio et al., 2006). These smallest known replicons have intrigued investigators not only due to their size but ...

Sesje z plusem. Klasa IVa Klasa 4 szkoły podstawowej. Elżbieta ...

Sesje z plusem. Klasa 4 szkoły podstawowej. Sesja 1 Klasa IVa Elżbieta Sochacka-Popik Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 15 w Olsztynie 10-507 Olsztyn, Kętrzyńskiego 10

Plant-RNA viroid relationship: a complex host pathogen interaction

(Gora-Sochacka, 2004). Infections by PSTVd can regulate a broad range of genes. Such genes are specificallyregulated by the viroid infection while others are also regulated