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Socket, Butt and Sidewall Fusion Procedures Manual

Heat Fusion Joining Procedures Polyethylene pipe classifications SIDR/ IDR - (Standard Inside Dimension Ratio) ASTM D 2239 - Inside Diameter Controlled: This pipe is sized based on inside diameter.

Sockets programming in Ruby

Socket options allow you to modify the way a socket works (as well as tweak the TCPandIPlayers for the socket). Using socket options, you can resize the I/O buffers, join a multicast group, or send broadcast messages (to name just a few possibilities).

Auto advocate accelerates with Socket's teleconferencing service.

Missouri Automobile Dealers Assoc. www.MADA.com Industry Automotive Socket Services 23 Voice and Fax Lines Local and Long-Distance Telephone Caller ID Conference Calling Geographical Location Jefferson City Auto advocate accelerates with Socket's teleconferencing service.

13 Chapter Java

Java Socket Programming A er learning the contents of this chapter, the reader will be able to: ∑ understand fundamental concepts of computer communication

Mexico-Audrain County Library District

STUDENT EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION Mexico-Audrain County Library District Mexico-Audrain County Library District

Advanced Radiology of Columbia

Socket's voice services can work with your phone system to effectively use ACD. To learn more, contact Socket at 1-800-SOCKET-3. What is Automatic Call Distribution?

A Tutorial on Socket Programming in Java

A Tutorial on Socket Programming in Java Natarajan Meghanathan Assistant Professor of Computer Science Jackson State University Jackson, MS 39217, USA Phone: 1-601-979-3661; Fax: 1-601-979-2478 E-mail: natarajan.meghanathan@jsums.edu Abstract We present a tutorial on socket programming in Java.

LGA775 Socket Mechanical Design Guide

4 Mechanical Design Guide Figures Figure 1. Flowchart of Knowledge-Based Reliability Evaluation Methodology..... 19 Figure 2. LGA775 Socket Assembly Drawing..... 22 Figure 3.

iSeries: Socket programming

Berkeley Software Distributions (BSD) compatibility..... 73 UNIX 98compatibility..... 75 Pass descriptors between processes —sendmsg() andrecvmsg() ..... 77 Chapter8.

How to set up a Windows Socket project

Transitioning from UNIX to Windows Socket Programming Paul O'Steen How to set up a Windows Socket project