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Knit Baby's First Sock

Baby Socks for the Web.qxp. C OPYRIGHT P IECE W ORK ® M AGAZINE , I NTERWEAVE P RESS LLC. N OTT OBE REPRINTED . A LLRIGHTS R ESERVED . P IECE W ORK O NLINE Knit Baby's First Sock A NN B UDD O riginally printed in Weldon's Practical Needlework, ...

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Take a pair of light cotton socks and get them wet with cold water. 3. Wring them out thoroughly. 4. Place the cold socks on your warm feet.

Crochet Cradle Pattern

Copyright © Daisy Designs, LLC 2007 Cradle Purse 1 Crochet Cradle Pattern Crocheted Cradle Purse measures approximately 5 x 6 inches when closed, depending on your stitch tightness.


For Immediate Release Contact: Tom Tanno - Los Angeles, CA 818/907-9950 tom@drymaxsports.com To receive socks in your size, call or e-mail Tom ATHLETES CAN NOW STAY DRY WHILE THEY SWEAT Drymax ® Socks are the First to Effectively Remove Sweat From Skin, Allowing Athletes to Play Longer & Harder ...

Finished Size Fits women's US size 8-10; 8" in circumference; you

The basic principle of these socks is that fabric knitted on the bias is less stretchy than fabric knitted plain, and if you do this on the arch of a sock, it will fit your foot more snugly where it is knit on the bias.

Colorful Crochet Socks

www.redheart.com For more ideas & inspiration — www.redheart.com www.coatsandclark.com www.crochettoday.comwww.knitandcrochettoday.com ©2008 Coats & Clark P.O. Box 12229 Greenville, SC 29612-0229 Colorful Crochet Socks WR1783 Designed by Kathy Wesley.

Just Your Basic Baby Sock

©2003 P a tti Pi erc e St o ne, All Rights Reserved t op-down socks: top-down socks: Cast on 24 (32), 8 on each needle for small sizes, 10/12/10 for larger sizes.


Sock shown above is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Lightweight in Pucks Mischief & Motley Hue. 2 36" or larger circular needles in size need to obtain desired gauge ...

The Importance of Socks

The Importance of Socks By Bryan C. Satterwhite DPM, FACFAS Socks are an important aspect of foot health. Your feet are the only part of your body that is in constant contact with the ground.

Prosthetic Sock Test

Two full 3 ply socks, beneath the liner satisfactorily maintains suspension in the clinic. You should a. Order 1 and 5 ply full socks as it is more likely this will be a better daily combination b.