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L298 Motor Driver

The Ltd ® The L298 is a strong, useful dual-motor driver IC but it's tough to use by itself. The Solarbotics Compact L298 Motor Driver Kit tames this beast, and puts it into a convenient package featuring: > 6 to 26V operation, 4A total drive current > Accessible 5V regulated voltage > Motor ...

The L293DMotorDriver

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Solar Cells Technical Handbook '98/99

Panasonic Solar Cells Handbook, Page 1 August 1998 SOLAR CELLS: TABLE OF CONTENTS SOLAR CELLS: TABLE OF CONTENTS Thin-Film Solar Cells (Sunceram II) Thin-Film Solar Cells (Sunceram II) ..... 2 ∞ General Information, Principle of Power Generation, ...


T RANSISTORS & FETS www.solarbotics.com | toll free: 1-866-276-2687 | fax: 403-226-3741 1-19 TR3904 2N3904 NPN transistor, used in several of the most basic solarengine designs TR3906 2N3906 PNP transistor, also commonly used in basic BEAM circuits TR2222 2N2222 NPN transistor, higher maximum current ...

Stepper Motor Basics

2 name implies have permanent magnets added to the motor structure. The rotor no longer has teeth as with the VR motor. Instead the rotor is magnetized with alternating north and south poles situated in a straight line parallel to the rotor shaft.

Drive circuit basics

1 Figure 1. Winding of a typical Permanent Magnet stepper motor. Figure 2. Current wave form in an inductive-resistive circuit. Industrial Circuits Application Note Drive circuit basics For a given size of a stepper motor, a limited space is available for the windings.

The Board Room

BEAMod - Modular building blocks for BEAM robotics © Bill Bigge 2001

Produced by Ltd In a head-to-head shoving match, you need a ...

Produced by Ltd In a head-to-head shoving match, you need a sumo robot that is stronger and smarter than the other. The Solarbotics SUMOVORE lets you be stronger and smarter by being the most

Breadboard Voltage Regulator - Version 2

Ltd ® DocRev: Sept 4, 2008 SKU #34020 a division of www.hvwtech.com www.solarbotics.com Convenient 5V Supply for Breadboard ! Power Switch! LED Power Indicator

Solarbotics Kit 10 - L293D Secret Motor Driver

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