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CIS27 - Solvents - Construction Information Sheet No 27 ...

HSE information sheet Solvents Construction Information Sheet No 27 (revision 2) Introduction Solvents are chemical substances. In construction products they act as carriers for surface coatings such as paints, varnishes, adhesives and pesticides.


General Everyone working in an industrial environment comes in contact with chemicals containing various solvents. Chemical reactions and processes are occurring either as an essential requirement for, or as a consequence of, many seemingly physical work activities.

INDG273 - Working safely with solvents

they can, depending on the health in many ways. In some advice about avoiding risks at work that contain them. WARNING If you're exposed to solvents, circumstances, affect your cases, very seriously.


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Source Reduction of Chlorinated Solvents

Source Reduction Research Partnership Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Environmental Defense Fund Source Reduction of Chlorinated Solvents TEXTILES MANUFACTURE Prepared for


h467 iRESIDUAL SOLVENTS Change to read: & INTRODUCTION This general chapter applies to existing drug substances, excipients, and products. All substances and products are subject to relevant control of solvents likely to be present in a substance or product.


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Solvents, Fluorocarbons, and Paints 463 Chapter 13 GLENN J. LEACH, Ph.D. * AND LEROY W. METKER † SOLVENTS, FLUOROCARBONS, AND PAINTS * Toxicologist, Toxicology Division, U.S. Army Environmental Hygiene Agency † Chief, Toxicity Evaluation Branch, Toxicology Division, U.S. Army Environmental ...

Organic Solvents

INTRODUCTION A solvent can be defined as a substance that dissolves another substance to form a liquid. Solvents can be broadly classified as either aqueous (water-based) or organic (hydrocarbon-based) and within each classification, further classifications are necessary to account for ...

Solvents: Distill On-Site or Buy Pure?

Solvents: Distill On-Site or Buy Pure? Solvent Comparison AD Aug 17.doc 1 Two Purification Methods Most organic chemistry laboratories require extremely pure solvents with no moisture