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Sondes for Tracing Drains, Ducts and other Applications

Sewer Sonde Very strong enclosure suitable for the most abrasive and rugged duty in municipal sewer systems. The sonde has a long life for daily use in all conditions.

Sonde and Line Locator

Table of Contents Recording Form for Machine Model and Serial Number .....1 General Safety Information Work Area Safety ...

YSI model 6-Series Sondes

Place the sonde in the desired sample location and securely anchor sonde using the bail provided on top of the sonde. 8.2.5The sonde is now in place and will continue to record until reaching the specified end time of logging. 9.0 Data Management and Records Management All results of calibration must be ...

6-Series Sonde Quick Start Guide

Unpacking and Inspection Inspect the outside of the shipping container(s) for damage. If you see any damage, contact your shipping carrier immediately.

New Insights in the Use of the Petro-Sonde

New Insights in the Use of the Petro-Sonde by Jack G. Elam, Ph.D. Introduction The Petro-Sonde has been used with mixed success by explorationists now for nearly a decade.

YSI 6-Series Multiparameter Water Quality Sondes Manual

If I want to use the new ROX DO Sensor with my existing sonde, what else do I have to do? In order to use the ROX technology on an existing YSI 6-series sonde, you must do the following: • Upgrade the firmware in your sonde from the YSI Website (ysi.com) to Version 3.00 or higher.

Calibration, field measurement, cleaning and storage of the ...

Calibration, Field Measurement, Cleaning, and Storage of the YSI 6920 V2-2 Multiparameter Sonde Calibration, field measurement, cleaning and storage of the YSI 6920 V2-2 Multimeter Sonde

SONDE Self Contained Signal Transmitter

General Instructions for Using Sondes with Line Locators Introduction: Fisher Sondes are manufactured with the highest quality and durability and will deliver accurate locates with any line locator set to detect at their frequencies.

Title: SOP for Continuous Monitoring of Water Quality

Sonde retrieval 10.2.1 At the end of the monitoring period, retrieve the sonde from the stream, download the monitoring data to a laptop computer or data logger, and check the sonde for calibration drift and sensor fouling (Section 11). 10.2.2 If there is no U.S. Geological Survey gage at the ...


PETRO-SONDE IN COAL The Petro-Sonde service offers multiple applications that aid in the exploration, evaluation and development of coal deposits.