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Keith Soothill , Brian Francis - CHANGING PATTE RNS OF ...

CHANGING PATTERNS OF OFFENDING BEHAVIO. UR . AMONG YOUNG ADULTS . Keith Soothill + , Brian Francis * , Elizabeth Ackerley * , Leslie Humphreys * + Dept of Applied Social Science, Lancaster University, UK

Masking hegemonic masculinity: reconstructing the paedophile ...

35 Soothill, K., Francis, B. and Ackerley, E. (1998). 'Paedophilia and Paedophiles', New Law Journal , June 12, pp. 882-883. Soothill, K. and Walby, S. (1991).

News Media, Victims and Crime

Adult victims of sex crime Several commentators have pointed to the highly gendered reporting of male sexual violence against women (Soothill and Walby, 1991; Benedict, 1992; Lees, 1995; Greer, 2003).

Criminology and Criminal Justice

http://crj.sagepub.com Criminology and Criminal Justice DOI: 10.1177/1748895808092431 Criminology and Criminal Justice 2008; 8; 297 Keith Soothill, Elizabeth Ackerley and Brian Francis

Criminology and Criminal Justice

One of the most notable of these recent measures is sex offender registration and community notification, which has been the subject of considerable criticism and debate (Marshall, 1997; Soothill et al., 1997; Soothill and Francis, 1998; Cobley, 2003).

12 media made criminality

Reporting of rape and other sex crimes is another area where issues of power and gender disappear in the fascination with the demonization of individual offenders or victims (Soothill and Walby 1991; Lees 1995; Gregory and Less 1999).

A Critical Evaluation of the Sex Offender Treatment ...

The media and public portrayal of the sex offender Sex offenders are seen by many to be one of the most serious types of offenders and are the group most hated and feared by the public (Soothill, 1999, cited in East on, 2001: 72) .

Standards for Medium Secure Units

... Reaside Clinic Dr Drona Sharma Head of Psychiatric Services Linden House Hospital Dr Shubhin der Shergill Consultant Psychiatrist Eric Shepherd Unit Ms Mary Teresa Sherlock Staff Nurse Eric Shepherd Unit Mr Andrew Skerritt Barrister & Solicitor Self-employed Dr Penny Snow Home Office Prof Keith Soothill ...

The Public Construction of Justice: Homicide Reporting in the ...

1 The Public Construction of Justice: Homicide Reporting in the Press Moira Peelo †, Brian Francis *, Keith Soothill †, Jayn Pearson † and Elizabeth Ackerley * † Department of Applied Social Science, Lancaster University * Centre for Applied Statistics, Lancaster University Address for ...

Sex Crimes, Part 1: Child Pornography

SexCrimes, Part1: Child Pornography LETN-164-0102 3 Dr. ToryJ. Caeti, Ph.D. I. SYNOPSIS The problem ofchild pornographyisincreasing due to the proliferation ofsuch materialelectronicallyand the perceived anonymityof the Internet.