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1 Sorrel www.potomacvegetablefarms.com/id/ Scientific Classification and Etymology Sorrel is of the genus Rumex and is a member of the knotweed family. 1 While The Food and Drink in America claims the name "sorrel" comes from the French word "surele" which means sour, The Cambridge World History ...

Sorrel ( Rumex acetosa L . )

Kathi J. Kemper, MD, MPH Sorrel Page 1 Longwood Herbal Task Force: http://www.mcp.edu/herbal/default.htm Revised July 15, 1999 The Longwood Herbal Task Force (http://www.mcp. edu/herbal/default.htm) and The Center for Holistic Pediatric Education and Research Sorrel ( Rumex acetosa L .


SORREL Submitted by Leicester Bigby Montreal, Canada For more special days resources, visit www.ncccusa.org Sorrel is one of the favorite Christmas drinks in the Caribbean.

Studies in concentration and preservation of sorrel extract

African Journal of Biotechnology Vol. 10 (3) , pp. 416-423, 17 January, 2011 Available online at http: //www. academic journals. org/AJB ISSN 1684-5315 © 2011 Academic Journals Full Length Research Paper Studies in concentration and preservation of sorrel extract A. S. Olawale Department of ...

Sorrel as a Nutraceutical - Health Benefits

169 169 Vol. 37, No.3, 2004 Sorrel as a Nutraceutical - Health Benefits Throughout the world many individuals consume sorrel unaware of its health benefits.

Creeping Woodsorrel (Oxalis corniculata) is a problem in a ...

Creeping Woodsorrel (Oxalis corniculata) is a problem in a number of lawns in Grand Junction and other areas of Colorado


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wild edibles

FIELD SORREL, SHEEP SORREL [Rumex acetosella) FLOWERS: May-September DESCRIPTION: Basal, arrowhead leaves, sour taste. HABITAT: Sour soils of fallow fields, waste ground, railroads LOCATION: Statewide COLLECTION: April -102 November USES: Salad, potherb, soup, seasoning CAUTION: See page 214 I ...

Red Sorrel: Rumex Acetosella L.

A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication • Oregon • Idaho • Washington Red Sorrel Rumex Acetosella L. PNW 446 • March 1993 J.P. Fitzsimmons and L.C. Burrill

Violet Wood-sorrel Oxalis violacea

Violet Wood-sorrel Oxalis violacea State Status: Endangered Federal Status: None Telephone: (508) 389-6360/Fax: (508) 389-7891 www.nhesp.org Description: Violet Wood-sorrel ( Oxalis violacea) is a low perennial herb of rich, open woodland slopes.