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Lunch 3-09 FROM THE MESQUITE SMOKER Served with a fresh baked sourdough roll, coleslaw and your choice of seasoned fries, baked beans, creamy mashed cauliflower, or our famous korn fritters.

Discovering Sourdough

3 Credits Dedicated to: The Holy Spirit My parents Richard and Martha Hosier, Warren and Ruth Greenway My family, Warren D, Rochelle, Westley, Wyatt, Natalie, Wiley, Wyllis, Stephen, Whitley and Tyra - whose appetites helped me along my journey.

Traditional Whole Grain Sourdough Bread A Labor of Love

Our Purpose •To pass on three years of research on old German, French, and Russian sourdough techniques. •To translate authentic methods into recipes that can be reproduced in your kitchen.

About Baker's Percentages and Hydration

Northwest Sourdough Why use weights? The definitions of baker's percentages are in weights and for good reasons. While it may seem more convenient to measure the volumes of your ingredients, volume measurements are problematic for bakers.

San Francisco Sourdough Bread

2 Making San Francisco Sourdough Bread You will have a much easier time of it—and lots more fun—if you will sit down and read through this little booklet two or three times before you touch an ingredient.

TasTe The spiriT of The GreaTland! Sourdough'S Ice cream ...

TasTe The spiriT of The GreaTland! TasTe The spiriT of The GreaTland! noT-so-Wildberry Whirl Let your taste buds return to the past with this delicious milkshake of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and vodka. alaska sourdouGh's hoT buTTered rum This signature spiced ice cream batter is served ...


THE PREMIUM DELI CAFE ™ CONTROL YOUR FUTURE Looking for an economic stimulus package? Take control of your future. SAN FRANCISCO SOURDOUGH EATERY is the up and coming leader in the quick service industry.

Fluffy Sourdough Biscuits

Fluffy Sourdough Biscuits For this recipe, have everything ready in each bowl and be prepared to work quickly once you add the baking powder and soda to the liquid.

The Story of Sourdough Bread

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Sourdough: a tool for the improved flavour, texture and shelf ...

VTT PUBLICATIONS 569 Sourdough: a tool for the improved flavour, texture and shelf-life of wheat bread Kati Katina VTT Biotechnology ACADEMIC DISSERTATION To be presented with the permission of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry of the University of Helsinki, for public criticism in lecture ...