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Spence J T

This Week's Citation Classic ® Spence J T & Helmreich R L. Masculinity & femininity: their psychological dimensions, correlates, & antecedents. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press, 1978. 297 p.

Playing an Action Video Game Reduces Gender Differences in ...

Research Report Playing an Action Video Game Reduces Gender Differences in Spatial Cognition Jing Feng, Ian Spence, and Jay Pratt University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada ABSTRACT— We demonstratea previously unknown gender difference in the distribution of spatial attention, a basic ...

Affording Adoption

Spence-Chapin Comprehensive Sliding Scale Service Fee Spence-Chapin Special Funds Spence-Chapin is a nonprofit agency whose mission is finding homes for children in need both here and from countries around the world.

The Spence School

Recommendation for Applicants to Grades 6-11 Current Math Teacher (confidential) Name of candidate Applying for grade Your analysis of the student’s current performance and character will be much appreciated.


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Strategic Studies Quarterly, Fall 2011, Vol. 5, No. 3

Zero Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Security Enterprise Modernization D'Anne E. Spence, Major, USAF Every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt has authorized the production of nuclear weapons, requiring that the US government both understand the nuclear weapons program and establish policy for ...

FINAL DRAFT REPORT The Feasibility and Constructability Study ...

FINAL DRAFT REPORT The Feasibility and Constructability Study of the Replacement/Rehabilitation of the Brent Spence Bridge


Pilpt Operated Regulntore for commercial and industrial applications Widest choice of pilots to suit many more challenging applications The Spence Pilot Operated Regulator has been the trouble-free standard for CommerciaV HVAC applications for nearly a century.

Straight Answers to False Charges About Public Power

What is Public Power? About 2,000 communities across the country have created public power utilities --- not-for-profit electric utilities that are locally owned and operated by the people they serve.


SpDesGuide5/02final ed/pdf2 SpDesGuide5/02final ed/pdf2. TYPE N DIFFERENTIAL PRESSURE PILOT CONTROLS 3 to 150 PSIG * Self Contained * Spring Operated * Normally Closed * Packless Construction * Accurate to ±1 psi * Four Adjustable Spring Ranges * Fluid, Gas & Vapor Applications * Loading ...