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Diesel & Gasoline Spills

DH\fact sheets\LPD\dieselspill\dieselpill.indd 5/27/2010 Final Report The responsible party should submit a final report to the DEQ documenting material spilled and actions taken.

Mercury Spill Information and Cleanup Guidance

If the mercury was spilled over a drain or sink that goes to your wastewater treatment plant or septic system, look in the "J" traps or "S" traps for liquid mercury.


How do I know if I have clean up all the spilled mercury? If you have a good idea where a small amount of mercury spilled, you cleaned it up quickly and were careful not to spread it anywhere else, you are close to being finished.

How to Handle Chemical Spills

The most important point to remember is do not get any spilled material into any body of water, including storm sewers or drains, no matter how small the spill.

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Evaluation of a Mitigation Procedure for Small Liquid Oxygen ...

3) in referring to spilled LOX, said to allow spilled liquid to evaporate, and not to walk on or roll equipment over a spill because an explosion could occur, and that contact with flammable materials may cause a fire or explosion.-10 -

Cleaning up Small Liquid Mercury Spills

If you are uncertain about whether most of the spilled mercury was recovered and the room is frequented by small children or pregnant women, it may be wise to test for residual mercury in the air using a portable Jerome Meter or Lumex Mercury Analyzer.

Mercury Quick Facts Cleaning up Mercury Spills in Your House

If more than two tablespoons of mercury are spilled in your house, you are strongly urged to call the National Response Center (NRC), available 24 hours a day, 1-800-424-8802.

Chapter 4, Shoreline Cleanup of Oil Spills

These decisions will be based on factors such as the following: • Type of oil spilled • Geology of the shoreline and rate of water flow •*Type and sensitivity of biological communities likely to be affected Each of these factors is described below.