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anatomy of your Spine • Vertebrae are block-shaped bones that form your spinal column. • Discs are spongy shock absorbers between each of the block-shaped vertebrae.


WHAT IS SPINAL FUSION? The spine is made up of a series of bones called "vertebrae"; between each vertebra are strong connective tissues which hold one vertebra to the next, and acts as a cushion between the vertebrae.


VOL. 76-B. No. 1, JANUARY 1994 103 THE STRAIGHT CERVICAL SPINE: DOES IT INDICATE MUSCLE SPASM? P. S. HELLIWELL, P. F. EVANS, V. WRIGHT From Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and the University Department ofClinical Medicine, Leeds, England The loss of cervical lordosis in radiographs of patients ...

The cervical spine: radiologist'sperspective

The cervical spine: radiologist'sperspective JerroldH. Mink, MD, FACR a, *, RachaelE. Gordon, MD a, AndrewL. Deutsch, MD, MBA b a Tower Imaging Medical Group, Inc., 8750 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 100, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA b Antelope Valley Hospital Comment In this article, Drs. Mink ...


VOL. 78-B, NO. 4, JULY 1996 613 T. Harada, MD, PhD, Orthopaedic Surgeon Osaka Police Hospital, 10-31 Kitayama-cho, Tennoji-ku, Osaka 543, Japan.

1 Introduction to - Introduction to Neuroimaging Neuroimaging ...

Cervical Spine – AP View ML Richardson, Univ. Of Washington Cervical Spine – Lateral View ML Richardson, Univ. Of Washington Cervical Spine – Oblique View ML Richardson, Univ.

Spine, Sports, and Pain Medicine, P.C. v. Daniel H. Nolan, M.D.

2 Appellant-defendant Spine, Sports, and Pain Medicine, P.C. (Spine) appeals the trial court's judgment denying its motion for a preliminary injunction against appellee-plaintiff Daniel H. Nolan, M.D.

Syrinx - A B

Figure 11: Spinal cord syrinx (white), mid thoracic spine. A. Sagittal view, thoracic spine MRI. Note septations (webs) in syrinx cavity. B. Axial view.

Objectives :

The Spine Spring '06 Page 1 of 5 The Spine Objectives : After completing this lab, you should be able to: • Identify major bony landmarks and muscles of the spine, • Measure and identify normal and abnormal spinal range of motion, • Perform tests to identify normal and abnormal strength ...

Spine: Low Back and Neck Pain

Spine: Low Back and Neck Pain Chapter 2 The Burden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States - Copyright © 2011 21 Chapter 2 Spine: Low Back and Neck Pain Lumbar/low back pain and cervical/neck pain are among the most common physical conditions requiring medical care and aff ecting an ...