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Cycas candida (Cycadaceae), a new species from Queensland ...

Median leaflets simple, strongly discolorous, 180-230 mm long, inserted at 55-65°to rachis, decurrent for 2-5 mm, narrowed to 3-4 mm at base, 6-10 mm apart on rachis; section slightly keeled; margins slightly recurved; apex acute, spinescent; midrib flat above, raised below, wide.


SAYRE'S MATERIA MEDICA - Part IV RHAMNACEÆ.-Buckthorn Family Shrubs or small trees with simple leaves; branches somewhat spinescent. Flowers somewhat dioecious.

Classification and Nomenclature

The inflorescence branches are divaricate, rigid, and sometimes spinescent. The numerous flowers are small and yellow with small bract like leaves at the base of each flower.

Tauschia hooveri

Associated species include Sandberg's bluegrass ( Poa secunda ), stiff sagebrush ( Artemisia rigida ), spinescent fameflower ( Ta linum spinescens ), scilla-like onion ( Allium scilloides ), sagebrush violet ( Viola trinervata ), bitterroot ( Lewisia rediviva ), Canby's lomatium ( Lomatium canbyi ), and ...

Sarcobatus vermiculatus (Hook.) Torr.

Cis an erect to spreading, multi-branched, brittle, spinescent, and deciduous shrub that grows up to 2.5 m tall. It reproduces by seeds and by sprouting from its root crown and widespread root system (Branson and others 1967; Eddleman 1977; Robertson 1983).

Artemisia spinescens Eaton

Artemisia spinescens Eaton budsage ASTERACEAE Syononyms: Picrothamnus desertorum Nutt. General Description .—Budsage, also known as spring sage and bud sagebrush, is a low, spinescent, pungently aromatic, rounded shrub 10 to 50 cm high and profusely branched at the base.

Sea Buckthorn - Specialty Crops Factsheet - BCMAFF

2…Sea Buckthorn Factsheet - May 2001 Description Sea buckthorn is a deciduous, dioecious shrub, usually spinescent, reaching 2 - 4 m in height.


It is a tall tree attaining a height of about 30m, with a black stem and crown of leaves at the top; leaves are 0.9-1.5m in diameter, palmately fan shaped, petiole edges with hard horny spinescent serratures; flowers unisexual, male spadix branched, female spadix simple; fruits large, subglobose drupes, on ...

A revision of the Indigofereae (Fabaceae) in Australia. 2 ...

Leaves digitately trifoliolate, very rarely 5-foliolate; stipules linear, 0.6-0.9 mm long, pubescent, not spinescent, not persistent; petiole 5-14 mm long; rachis furrowed; multicellular hairs between leaflet pairs sparse, inconspicuous, orange to red or brown, pointed-linear.


reduced, absent or spinescent (in stem succulents); Inf cymose (terminal thyrses), rarely racemose; Fl actinomorphic, bisexual; Sep 5, basally connate;