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Injection Mold Design Guidelines

Copper Alloys for Conveying Plastic in Injection Molds The high thermal conductivity of copper alloys makes them ideal materials for the injection mold sprue bushing and runner bars.

DMS - Diemould Catalogue

The Company The example below shows the 8-cavity XX-type manifold in combination with TGCS tunnel gate inserts for gating cover-caps. ■ invisible gate mark on the underside of the component ■ low hot runner costs ■ simple overall system means a stable injection moulding process Practical ...

Polyshot Heated Sprue Bushings

1 Polyshot Hot Runner Systems Revised 5/10/2006 The new Polyshot Heated Sprue Bushing product line was developed to address the precision injection molder's need to process both engin eered and commodity resins.


1 Product Name SCULPTING, MOULDING & CASTING WAXES PROFESSIONAL QUALITY WAXES & SPRUES Optimus 3.0 - Victory Brown Wax Is a pliable, workable wax that can be easily worked by hand or with sculpting tools.

Designing with Rubber

Also known as a sprue. Gate Mark: A raised spot or small depression on the surface of a transfer or injection molded rubber part or component where the gates or sprues interface with the mold cavity.

TMS320C6000 Network Developer's Kit (NDK

Preface SPRUES4A-January 2007-Revised June 2008 Read ThisFirst About ThisManual This document contains information about the Network Developer'sKit (NDK) Support Package for DSK6455.

For long spanned bridges, use additional sprues to connected ...

SPRUEING: A- Direct for single units. Sprueing should be ¼ (6 mm) in length. Based on the size and the thickness of crowns, use 6-8 gauge sprues.

Processing Parameters Injection molding

Sprues Maximum diameter should not exceed the wall thickness. The sprue length should be as short as possible with a minimum taper of 6 degrees to allow extraction.


1. 2. 5. 4. 3. 1. Original; 2. Duplicate mould; 3. Wax copy; 4. Core investing; 5. Sprues; 6.Investing; The sculptor producesasolid clay sculpture. Modelled overasteeland wood armature the clay is kept damp and prevented from drying out after completion.


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