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Lustran® ABS 433

Any regrind used must be generated from properly molded parts, sprues, and/or runners. All regrind used must be clean, uncontaminated, and thoroughly blended with virgin resin prior to drying and processing.

Dental D Technical Manual

Turn oven switch to right. 14.) * After 10 minutes insert appropriate amount of Dental D ingots into cartridge and place cap on to close. * There must be a minimum of 4 ingots per cartridge to compensate for sprues.

Prismatik ThinPress™Ceramic Technique Manual

When attaching sprues for investing, always keep the sprue length at 8mm. Spruing Technique Ensure that the ThinPress wax-up is no thinner than three tenths of a millimeter on labial areas that require minimum thickness.

Designing for MuCell 3-20-02

• The MuCell® process allows for shorter cycle times and lighter parts as well as less molded in stress • In order to take full advantage of these benefits attention needs to be paid to the mold design: • Reduced polymer mass in the sprues and runners • Optimized mold filling patterns • Increased ...

Casting Process Design Guidelines

Sprues can be tapered slightly more than required to provide a factor of safety for aspiration of air. 1 15. Rectangular sprues of length less than 5 in. (1.27 cm) may be given a small reverse taper for ease of molding. 1 16.

USED GRANULATORS FOR SALE!!! Stock list: 18.01

Page 2 of 3 Ref. Make/Type of machine Description Suited for Throat size mm kW Price EUR Cutting Mills 6076 Alpine B 25/14 RO granulator with vertical rotor shaft central granulator for sprues and small parts 270x250 5,5 1.800 6087 Tria 35/30 sound proof granulator,with blower 0,75 kW, pipe ...

OD ProLine Customers. The core of our innovation

The RN166 Low Speed Granulator was designed for the recovery of the sprues from the injection moulding process of Optical Disc. > Extreme compactness

Sprue Recycling Optimize production by saving polycarbonate

Sprues This is further exacerbated by the rising price of polycarbonate driven by a combination of high oil prices and worldwide demand from other users of optical quality polycarbonate such as the automobile industry.


Multiple sprues may be needed on the more complex castings to obtain the best results. 5. Avoid choke sprues and sharp bends in sprues. Any restriction in the sprue can create turbulence in the metal flow causing mould erosion and porosity from entrapped mould gasses.

Hot Tip Sprue Cleaner

HOT TIP SPRUE CLEANER FOR CLEANING PLUGGED SPRUES The Hot Tip Sprue cleaner is a quick heating flexible tool for melting thermoplastics from plugged sprues.