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RN166 Granulator

The RN166 Low Speed Granulator was designed for the recovery of the sprues from the injection moulding process of Optical Disc. > Extreme compactness > Flexibility for wide application with injection moulding machine > Entirely made of stainless steel (all parts in contact with the material ...

D-M-E Gate-Mate™ Hot Sprue Bushings

Typical Applications Benefits n *Eliminates*sprues, *reduces*cycle*time, *improves* part*quality, *increases*production n *Provides*optimum*gate*cosmetics n *Plated*copper*alloy*tip*improves*temperature* profile *in*gate*area n *Self*insulating*material*layer*surrounds*tip*for* better *tip*control*and*part ...

WOR/9610 Investment Casting

Therefore, feed sprues should be carefully designed, Figure 2.2.6, as a function of size and shape of the object to be cast. Given that solidification shrinkage, as a physical characteristic, is unavoidable, the feed sprues, in addition to allowing complete form filling, should be able to "drive ...

An Example in Steel Casting

18 Gating System Design Criteria -- The gating system (sprues, runners, and gates) provides paths for the molten metal to flow into the mold. For steel castings, it is important that the mold fills quickly, but turbulent flow needs to be avoided.

Knitting with Glass

A complex set of "sprues," "gates," and "vents" are soldered to the piece with wax to provide pathways for glass to enter and air to leave the piece.

Sculpture - Materials & Methods

Wax runners, sprues and risers (air vents) are attached to the wax positive. These will act as channels for the bronze to fill the spaces left behind from the melted wax and for the air to escape.


Plastic Sprues And/Or Patterns Plastic may require a thin coat of wax to allow for proper expansion. A two-stage burnout is recommended when using plastic sprues and patterns.

MGK 400/175 - 600 T-GS - stainless steel - MGK - C4 175/250 ...

MGK - C4 175/250 - A MGK - C4 175/250 - H MGK-C4 is very powerful constructed, intended for grinding of sprues di rectly in connection with an injection moulding machine.

VITA Guide 3 D- Master

Sprues for all alloys with high palladium content and for all precious metal-free alloys require larger dimensions. Rule 7: Use original sprue former base

THE ARGEN CORPORATION Alloy Specification Sheet - 77 4.7 14 1 ...

Bridges) to the bar with 10 gauge (2.6 mm diameter) sprues 1/8 in. (3 mm)long and joining the bar to the sprue base with 8 gauge (3.3 mm diameter) and 1/2in.