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Squirrels, Tree

B-171 TREE SQUIRRELS Jeffrey J. Jackson Extension Wildlife Specialist Warnell School of Forest Resources University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602 Fig. 1.

Squirrel factsheet

Tree Squirrels Four species of squirrels—the gray squirr el, fox squirrel, red squirrel, and northe rn flying squirrel—reside in New York State.

Color brochure of squirrel species in NY State

THE A large group, the squirrel family includestree squirrels (gray, red, fox), flying squirrels, chipmunks, marmots (woodchuck), antel ope squirrels, ground squirrels, and prairie dogs.

Squirrels, Belding's, California, and Rock Ground

B-151 Rex E. Marsh Specialist in Vertebrate Ecology (retired) Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Conservation Biology University of California Davis, California 95616 Fig. 1.

Southern Fox Squirrel Sciurus niger niger

Southern Fox Squirrel Sciurus niger niger Contributors: David Guynn, John Edwards, Susan Guynn and Judy Barnes DESCRIPTION Taxonomy and Basic Description Fox squirrels ( Sciurus niger ) were first described by Linnaeus (1758); ten recognized subspecies exist throughout the United States.

Feeding baby squirrels

Feeding Baby/Young Squirrels YOU MUST read and follow these instructions very carefully. They have been developed over several years of intensive experience with young squirrels.

Squirrels in Rhode Island

SQUIRRELS IN RHODE ISLAND There are about 275 species of tree, ground, and flying squirrels throughout the world, ranging from the five-inch pygmy squirrel of Africa to the three-foot giant squirrel of Asia.

Looking after young squirrels

Looking after young squirrels and preparing them for release Contents 1 - What do you do first? 2 - If you decide to look after it yourself • Food

Western Gray Squirrel, EC 1572 (Oregon State University ...

H ave you ever watched a squirrel? Watching squirrels is fun. They look like a circus act as they jump from tree to tree. They run along tree branches, leaping from branch to branch—it is unbelievable that they can move so fast and not fall!

Red Squirrel: Informational Series

Management of Problem Squirrels: Most complaints about squirrels are from homeowners with squirrels in their houses. Usually these complaints concern the presence of gray squirrels.