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1 Safety and Preparation for Use ***CAUTION*** : This instrument may be damaged if operated with the LINE VOLTAGE SELECTOR set for the wrong applied ac input-source voltage or if the wrong fuse is installed.

Lock-In Amplifiers

SR530 Dual phase lock-in $2995 amplifier (w/ rack mount) Option 01 GPIB interface for SR510/SR530 $995 Option 02 Internal oscillator

LEICA SR530 Geodetic RTK Receiver

Top of the range The SR530 is a 24-channel, dual-frequency GPS receiver of the highest accuracy and with on-board RTK. The top model of Leica Geosystems' System 500 range, the SR530 is light, rugged and easy to use.

Connecting the Leica SR530 GPS Rover to SpiderNet

Instructions for Connecting the Leica SR530 GPS Rover to a SpiderNet, NTRIP or VRS Network with SurvCE and Carlson TCP Relay Connecting the Leica SR530 GPS Rover to SpiderNet

An Innovative Concept to Manage GPS Reference Stations ...

According to the result of a RTK field test done in Beijing PRC in August 2003 by using the Leica SR530 GPS receiver, which accessed real-time data stream from two GPS reference stations in Beijing via Internet, the horizontal accuracy for a short baseline of around 10 km was on the 2 cm level (1 sigma ...

High-performance GPS - System 500

Interference is most likely when measurements are carried out close to transmitters Fig.5 SR530 RTK receiver, with radio in housing Time for Ambiguity Resolution 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 < 25 < 40 < 65 < 85 < 105 > 105 time to fix [sec] % Baseline 4 km : Correct 100.0 % Baseline 14 km Correct 99.93 % Fig.6 RTK long ...

GPSSurveying - System 500

SR530 SR520 SR510 Introduction Receiver type Dual-frequency, geodetic, Dual-frequency, geodetic Single-frequency, survey real-time RTK receiver receiver receiver Summary of measuring Static, rapid static, kinematic Static, rapid static, kinematic Static, kinematic modes and applications On the ...

Technical Reference Manual

Use it with the SR520 or SR530 Receiver. The Choke Ring Antennas are designed for use where the utmost precision is required. Typical applications include Static Surveys of long baselines, Tectonic Plate monitoring, Reference Stations, etc. Use the AT503 and AT504 with the SR520 or SR530 Receiver.

Material Safety Data Sheet Carbon Black

... Below are the carbon black grades produced by Sid Richardson Carbon & Energy Co. N110, N115, N120, N121, N134, N135, N220, N231, N234, N299, N326, N330, N339, N343, N347, N351, N358, N550, N650, N660, N762, N772, N774, SR129, SR155, SR201, SR301, SR303, SR310, SR311, SR315, SR401, SR511, SR530, SR611 ...

Using the Siemens M20 GSM Module

Using the Siemens M20 GSM Module - Canary Systems Application Note #8 - December 2000 75 Newport Road, Suite 211 New London, NH 03257 Voice: (603) 526-9088 Fax: (603) 526-9004 info@canarysystems. com www. canarysystems. com Using the Siemens M20 GSM Module Application Note #8 Overview The ...