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Diplodia Rot in Corn: Stalk, Ear, and Kerne

Diplodia Rot in Corn: Stalk, Ear, and Kernel 1 / 2 Monsanto Technology Development Diplodia Stalk Rot Favorable Conditions In general, stalk rot development is favored

Demetra Rupp and Mark Molitch

Copyright © Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. Unauthorized reproduction of this article is prohibited. Pituitary stalk lesions Demetra Rupp and Mark Molitch


Anthracnose stalk rot; (left) shiny black discoloration on stalk; (right) stalk split to show dark internal decay. Figure 7. Pythium stalk rot.

Late Season Cornstalk Nitrate Test Sampling Procedure

Late Season Cornstalk Nitrate Test Sampling Procedure WHEN : Stalk sampling can be done anytime between about the 1/4 milkline stage of the grain and up to 3 weeks after the grain forms a blacklayer.

Product Overview 2011-2012

Product Overview 2011-2012 Stalk Crusher Highlights • Patent-pending design offers the first swing-away mount for loading on a header cart. • Offers farmers a high quality affordable choice for field tire protection.

CM Knifed Stalks

C/M Knife Rollers The C/M Knife Roller kit is a complete interchange for the stalk rollers you are currently using on either 40 or 90 series JD corn heads.

L741 Stalk Rots of Corn and Sorghum

Stalk rot is the most prevalent disease of corn and sorghum in Kansas. Annual losses are difficult to determine, because unless lodging occurs, the disease goes mostly unnoticed.

2009 SPC 4

AMADAS Hi-Speed Stalk Puller/Choppers provide a unique, integrated system for extracting harvested cotton stalks including the root system, and then chopping them into smaller pieces.

Late Season Cornstalk Nitrate Test

Procedure for collecting and processing samples for the Late Season Cornstalk Nitrate Test. Sample location on the stalk Complete sample of stalk segments from a field (above) and samples processed for the lab (below)

Hi-Speed Cotton Stalk Puller/Chopper SPC-4/SPC-6

Hi-Speed Cotton Stalk Puller/Choppers are manufactured by Amadas Industries. You can find us on the Web at: www.amadas.com or e-mail us at: amadas@amadas.com You can also contact us at: P.O. Box 1833 / Suffolk, VA 23439 (mailing) 1100 Holland Road / Suffolk, VA 23434 (shipping) (757) 539-0231 ...