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The Caribbean's Hidden Treasure

St. Eustatius The population of Statia (mainly African descent) of approximately 3400 boast a pleasant nature (people still say good morning) and a zeal for work.


PART - l SEARCH AND SETTLEMENT 1660 marks the beginning of the history of the Jews in Statia which ended in 1864 with the death of the last Jewish inhabitant.

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The Caribbean

St Eustatius The island of St Eustatius is home to an active bunker industry and an 11.3 million barrel transhipment and blending terminal belonging to Statia Terminals .


Volume 1, Issue 3 THE INFORMER Article by Walter Th. Hellebrand Long time St. Eustatius resident and a legend in his own time, the late José 'Pipe' Dormoy, has been immortalized on a stamp thanks to an initiative of the Statia based Aviation Pioneers of the Caribbean Foundation.


PRINS BERNARD FONDS NEEDS PLAN OF ACTION Statia NGO's not utilizing the funds to the fullest STATIA DEVELOPMENT PLAN SOON A REALITY Social Housing Spatial Planning and Environment Introduction visit area.

Sint Eustatius

Statia had been part of the Netherlands Antilles, along with Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba and Sint Maarten since 1954. On Statia Day, November 16, 2004, the island adopted a new flag, but in 2005 it voted to remain part of the Netherlands Antilles.

where investment opportunities await you.

St. Eustatius is affectionately called Statia by residents and visitors to the island. The strategic geographic position of Statia has long influenced its role in international trade.

St Eustatius

ST EUST AT IUS 452 Those who come to St Eustatius - commonly known as Statia - aren't looking for the typical Caribbean vacation. They are most likely divers, hikers or colonial history buffs, and they might enjoy being relaxed to the brink of boredom.