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PAGES 2–3 Like their bigger 300-Series Skid Steer siblings, the 313 and 315 deliver best-in class stability, visibility, and serviceability. Lightweight and agile, yet surprisingly power

Keeping Steers Healthy

If your steer is not healthy, the organs and body systems will not function properly, and your steer will not grow. What Makes Steers Sick Knowing a steer's normal body temperature is important because the body temperature goes up if the steer gets sick.


suggestions, we’ve made choosing a Deere skid steer an easy “D”ecision. 1. Standard cab amenities include storage box, cup holder, 12-volt power port ...

4-H Market Steer Handbook

4-H Market Steer Handbook Compiled by: Reviewed by: F. David Kirkpatrick & James B. Neel James W. Oltjen (pa97038@utkvm1. utk.edu) (jwoltjen@ucdavis.edu) Extension Specialists Cooperative Extension Service Agricultural Extension Service Division of Agricultural and Natural Sciences University of ...


•SKID STEER LOADER CERTIFICATION FORM Employee Information HMW 31 (11/96) E33 Name:_____ Title ...

H-603024 Installation Instructions

7 - 1/16" air flow 7 - 7/16" 7 - 3/8" low (l) terminal battery terminal h l m b c hi (h) terminal med (m) terminal not used ta9001377_rev2 sheet 1 011011 available parts: switch connections: part no.

Breeds of Beef Cattle

Your Steer's Pedigree A written record of the names of a calf's parents, grandparents, and other ancestors is called its pedigree. Here are some words you will see used on a pedigree, ...

4-H Market Steer Project

Contents Section 1: Getting Started..... 1 Introduction..... 1 How to Use Your Reference Guide.....


1 The Steer Clear Driver's Program is a great opportunity to review and improve your driving skills. And who can't use a little refresher course?

Selecting Project Animals

5 Selecting Project Animals The conformation and size of steer you choose will affect the success of your project. Try to choose healthy, high-quality, lean, muscular, and structurally correct cattle.