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Checklist for Adopting a Minor Stepchild

2011.09 1 Checklist for Adopting a Minor Stepchild (1) Coversheet  Print your name and address and those of the other parties and lawyers (if known ).  You are not claiming damages, so leave that line blank or print "none."

Information for parents and step-parents about adoption and ...

Thinking about adoption? Adoption agencies receive many enquiries each year about step-parent adoptions. Many people who have the care and responsibility of a stepchild want to formalise their situation and give it legal status.

This is a private record.

Birth Mother’s Consent to Adoption and Waiver of Rights Approved Board of District Court Judges September 14, 2011 Page 1 of 3

Becoming a Stepparent

He or she may be: • unsure of a stepparent's responsibilities, • unhappy because he or she does not love the stepchild instantly, • resentful of the stepchild for demanding so much of the spouse's attention, and • hurt because the stepchild does not show love and appreciation right away; but also: ...

Discipline of Stepchildren by Stepparents in Cases Involving ...

Basis of a Stepparent's Authority to Discipline a Stepchild Caselaw has sanctioned two main theories under which a stepparent may exercise parental discipline over a stepchild.


stepchild, a court may be able to discern whether a parent child relationship existed between the stepparent and the stepchild. Furthermore, the existence of a legal


See our leaflet on how to change a family name.  A stepparent can apply for legal parental responsibilities and rights towards their stepchild through the courts without having to adopt their stepchild.

Adopting Your Step-Child

The laws related to adopting your stepchild can be found in Title 42, Chapter 4, Part 3. The M.C.A. can be found at your local library or on the Montana State Law Library website at www.lawlibrary.mt.gov .

Stepchild Dependency Agreement

stepdepend 052109 I request that my stepchild, be added to my current coverage(s). I certify that this child meets all of the eligibility requirements shown below.

Article 4. Adoption of a Minor Stepchild by Stepparent.

NC General Statutes - Chapter 48 Article 4 1 Article 4. Adoption of a Minor Stepchild by Stepparent. § 48-4-100. Application of Article. This Article shall apply to the adoption of minors by their stepparents.