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D. Vasilca, A. Ilies Stereographic Projections for Romania - 185 - STEREOGRAPHIC PROJECTIONS FOR ROMANIA Doina VASILCA, lecturer, PhD. eng., U.T.C.B., Romania, doinavasilca@yahoo.com


However, the latter concept, minimum symmetry, requires that two topics be reviewed, Miller indices and stereographic projections. Fundamentals (Assumed Background) Miller Indices Directions and planes are reported as integers enclosed in brackets (sometimes the brackets are omitted by convention).

Basic Crystallography and Electron Diffraction from Crystals

•The stereographic projection contains orientation information about all poles that intersect the northern hemisphere of the sphere. •Poles such as (01-1) and (00-1), which intersect the southern hemisphere of the sphere, are not included in the [001] stereographic projection.

The AlloBrain: an Interactive Stereographic, 3D Audio ...

1 The AlloBrain: an Interactive Stereographic, 3D Audio Immersive Environment Graham Wakefield wake field@mat.ucsb.edu JoAnn Kuchera-Morin jkm@create.ucsb.edu Marcos Novak marc os@centrifuge.org Dan Overholt da no@create.ucsb.edu Lance Putnam ljputnam@um ail. ucsb.edu John Thompson jthompson ...

Polar Stereographic projection and ArcView

Polar Stereographic projection and ArcView Spatial data on this CD-ROM are in Polar Stereographic projection. This projection was chosen for the following reasons: 1.


A stereographic projection has two important properties which make it particularlv suitable for crystallographic and universal stage work. First, the projections of both great and small circles are circular arcs and not ellipses.

Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) and Universal Polar ...

THE UNIVERSAL POLAR STEREOGRAPHIC (UPS) SYSTEM UPS coordinates are based on a family of two Polar Stereographic map projections, one for each pole.

Crystal Symmetries

... 2008 Loren A. Jacobson 5/16/08 Other Crystal Characterization-It is often important to determine crystal orientation. ● Single crystals. ● Individual grains in a polycrystal-If there is a preferred grain orientation, this is referred to as "texture".-One method is to employ the Stereographic ...

Zelda Mackay Collection of Stereographic Views,

Zelda Mackay Collection of Stereographic Views, ca. 1860-ca. 1900 BANC PIC 1905.14906-.16118 -- STER 3 Digital Representations AvailableDigital representations of selected original pictorial materials are available in the list of materials below.


A Stereographic Representation of Euler's Formula to Show Spirals and Topological Similarities to Micro-Structures in Rulninants and Forages