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STERRAD@ 100s Sterilization

Surface sterilization efficacy studies were performed in the STEW@ 50 Sterilizer with titanium materials representative of the materials commonly used in re-usable medical devices.

STERRAD' 200 Sterilizer is designed for sterilization of both ...

Advanced Sterilization Products 5 10(k) Notification STERRAD@ 200 AUG 1 8 2003 510(k) Summary Applicant's Name, Address, Telephone, FAX, Contact Person Advanced Sterilization Products Division of Ethicon, Inc. 33 Technology Drive Irvine, CA 9261 8 Contact Person Kevin Corrigan Director of ...

Important Information

2 IMPORTANT INFORMATION Scope and Purpose of This Manual This manual provides complete instructions for the installation, operation, and normal care of the M11 UltraClave™ Steam Sterilizer.

Beta Star LS Series Steam Sterilization Autoclave

Industrial grade components, precision machining and fabrication, proven mechanical advantages and utility conservation devices provide owners and users with a low maintenance reliable sterilizer.


High-Pressure Steam Sterilizers Moisture Last, but not least, is the moisture requirement. Adequate moisture content of the sterilizer atmosphere is mandatory for effective sterilization by steam.

Autoclave and Sterilizers

Sterilizer Usage: • Remove the metal cover cap before turning on the unit • Allow 15 minutes to reach 240C before use • Unit can be left on for further use • Turn off at the end of the day • Replace metal cap when cooled to prevent contamination 2.

ultraviolet sterilizers

The radiation from ultraviolet light at 2537 angstroms provided inside the Lifegard Ultraviolet Sterilizer exerts a lethal effect on micro-organisms.

PN4740_030509 Anprolene Study Guide.ai

To help ensure that your sterilizer is operated safely, all personnel who operate or maintain the equipment need to be properly trained. The Andersen Anprolene Key Operator Certification Program provides instruction in the following areas: The Andersen Anprolene Key Operator Certification Program is ...

Ultraviolet Sterilizers

WWW.CURRENT-USA. COM * Safety Instructions READ AND FOLLOW ALL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Ultraviolet Sterilizer must be plugged into a Ground Fault Circuit Interruptor GFCI outlet at all times.

What do you want in a sterilizer?

What do you want in a sterilizer? n Patented automatic opening door for fast instrument drying n Fast and easy use for efficient instrument processing n Reliable and effective for quality infection control n Maximum space utilization and a complimentary design for your sterilization area Our ...