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STOIC AND CHRISTIAN CONCEPTIONS OF HAPPINESS Dr. David Naugle Introduction With reference to the Western concept of courage, the "theologian of culture" Paul Tillich (1886-1965) once wrote that Stoicism is "the only real alternative to Christianity in the Western world."

STOIC: A database of dynamic and static faces expressing ...

Running head: The STOIC Dynamic Facial Emotional Expressions Database STOIC: A database of dynamic and static faces expressing highly recognizable emotions Sylvain Roy 1, Cynthia Roy 1, Catherine Éthier-Majcher 1, Isabelle Fortin 1, Pascal Belin 2, Frédéric Gosselin 1 1.

Epicurean and Stoic Views of Happiness: a critical comparison ...

1 Introduction Epicureanism and Stoicism, the two dominant philosophies of the Hellenistic and early Roman periods, have undergone arevivalin popularity, not only amongst academic philosophers, but also amongst laypeople and psychologists.

The Ideal of the Stoic Sportsman

196 JOURNAL OF THE PHILOSOPHY OF SPORT, 2004, XXXI, 196-211 © 2004 by the International Association for the Philosophy of Sport Stephens <stphns@creighton.edu> and Feezell <rfeezell@creighton.edu> are with the Dept. of Philosophy, Creighton University, Omaha, NE 68178.

Stoicism And Christianity Ralph Stob

The Stoic, therefore, must be in an uncertain frame of mind. Is he or is he not the object of loving care? Furthermore, the effect of the Stoic belief in Providence is undermined or nullified by contrary teachings.

Stoic Psychotherapy in Descartes and Spinoza1 Faith and ...

1 Stoic Psychotherapy in Descartes and Spinoza 1 Faith and Philosophy 11 (1994), pp. 592-625. Derk Pereboom, University of Vermont Although the influence of the Stoic outlook on sixteenth and seventeenth century European culture has been well-documented, it is seldom recalled how, in particular ...


Nature and scope of Stoicism For the early Stoic philosopher, as for all the post-Aristotelian schools, knowledge and its pursuit are no longer held to be ends in themselves.

Greeks To Geeks: Practical Stoicism

Question: Do I have to become emotionless to be a Stoic, will I become boring and totally logical like Doctor Spock by practicing Stoicism? Answer: No. Emotions are natural, normal and are an extremely important part of our humanity.


Our phrase 'stoic calm' perhaps encapsulates the general drift of these claims. It does not, however, hint at the even more radical ethical views which the Stoics defended, e.g. that only the sage is free while all others are slaves, or that all those who are morally vicious are equally so.

Handbook for Stoic Philosophy

CONTENTS page Introduction 3 FAQs 5 The Stoic Tradition 8 The Roman Stoics 13 Stoicism in 5 Minutes 22 The Ethical Paradox 24 * * * * THE IMAGE on the cover of this handbook is of the phoenix, a mythological bird of both Asian and Occidental cultures.