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About Stoma Reversal

About Stoma Reversal Perhaps you are trying to decide whether to have a reversal… Stomas are formed for a variety of medical reasons. Different people will have had different types of operations - how much and which part of the bowel has been removed will vary, some people have aloop stoma ...

An Introduction to Irrigation

Colostomy Irrigation can, in suitable cases, be an alternative to wearing a stoma pouch. Irrigation is used to manage faecal output by cleansing the bowel.

An Aide-Memoire for Nursing Home Staff and other Carers who ...

Getting ready to change the Appliance - Make sure you have what you need before you start: • Disposal bag • Special wipes or lotion (if applicable) • Warmwater and a towel • New appliance (this may already be pre-cut to the size of the stoma, if not the stoma may be measured using the ...

Ostomies - Different Types of Stoma

Colostomies and Other -Ostomies What is a Stoma? A stoma is an opening in the body where a connection to an internal organ is brought out. The word comes from the Greek rsola (stoma), meaning a mouth (perhaps somewhat inappropriately), and the plural is rsolasa (stomata), usually avoided in ...

A guide to caring for patients with a newly formed stoma in ...

clinical A guide to caring for patients with a newly formed stoma in the acute hospital setting Abstract This article outlines the fundamental aspects of stoma care required by individuals undergoing surgery requiring stoma formation.


S Stoma Item Code FS250040 July 2006 Edition no 5 0845 300 1818 The Scout Information Centre Gilwell Park Chingford London E4 7QW Tel + 44 (0)20 8433 7100 Fax + 44 (0)20 8433 7103 email info.centre@scout.org.uk www.scoutbase.org.uk What is a Stoma?


CARE OF YOUR LARYNGECTOMY STOMA LARYNGECTOMY HOME CARE OBSERVATION Check the area around the stoma and inside the wall of your trachea for mucus and crusts that may have formed overnight.

Rectal Discharge

About...Rectal Discharge Penny Fitzgerald RGN, BSc (Hons), Stoma Care ENB 216 Colorectal Nurse Specialist Countess of Chester Hospital. This leaflet was written by two stoma care professionals pictured left, and aims to answer some of the questions about rectal discharge, explain why it might ...

Living with Your Child's Ostomy: A Guide to Home Care

Using the Stoma Measuring Guide, measure and select the smallestsize that fits around the stoma without touching it 5. Trace the correctly-sized pattern on back of pouch 6.

Stoma SiteSelect ion

Stoma SiteSelect ion Ostomy CareTips Stoma site sel ecti on and marking should be done for all patients scheduled for ostomy surgery by an experienced, educated, competent clinician.